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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part – 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.6 Eclipses

Part 2

10.6.4 Effects of Eclipses: An eclipse is a special kind of transit involving The Sun, Moon & Nodes and their effects on houses/ Bhavas and other planets (by conjunction or opposition). The significance of eclipse is determined by sign and Nakshtra in which the eclipse occurs. The duration of an eclipse depends on the amount of time of obstruction, which normally represents as many years for hours of obstruction in Solar eclipse and months in a Lunar eclipse. The effects of an eclipse in a fixed sign last much longer than in movable signs, but in common signs the effects commence much sooner. If an eclipse transits a planet or Kendra by conjunction or opposition, it puts the planet/  Kendra to a high energy state in which its capacity to generate action, either good or evil, is increased. These effects depend more upon the condition of the natal planet & its house position. An eclipse in conjunction with a natal planet weakens the significance of that planet. Thus activated, the natal planet is more likely to signify a major event later when transited by another major planet that acts as a trigger and signifies the time of release of the stored up energy. Mars denotes siblings & injuries, the Mercury aunts, intellectual life, business & journeys, the Jupiter children, knowledge & prosperity, the Venus wife, sisters, married life & comforts, and the Saturn elders & various impediments. Varahmihir in Brihat Samhita, Vol-1, has importance attached to the angles of Sun or Moon in relation to the place, where the eclipse is seen.

10.6.5 Results of eclipse in various Bhavas

i) Ascendant: Natives health is adversely affected. He becomes accidents prone both inside & outside the home and fractures may take place. But if eclipse is aspected by Jupiter/ Venus, one may have long standing improvements in his efforts.

ii) 2nd Bhava: If benefics aspects the eclipse, native’s finances may improve, providing additional sources of income and gains in speculation. If aspected by malefics there may be heavy financial losses and failure in ventures. Transits of planets in square/ opposition may bring negative results and in trine/ sextile position may bring positive results.

iii) 3rd Bhava: If favourably aspected, life may progress through help of friends & relatives and one may get good news from many placed. The adverse aspect may cause unpleasant/ aimless journeys, disruptions in communications and troubles through close relations and friends.

iv) 4th Bhava: If benefics aspect, native may have domestic happiness, freedom from worries and help from parents. The adverse aspects may cause unheavals in domestic life and illness/ danger to life of parents.

v) 5th Bhava: The good aspects may bring pleasure, recognition & joys with family and happiness from children. The adverse aspects may cause worries/ sufferings due to children, grief & loss through speculation and for females, disappointments in emotional life.

vi) 6th Bhava: If well aspected, it may bring improvement & favours in health, employment, service & legal suits. The adverse aspects may cause bad health and displeasure/ punishment from superiors for wrong committed by the native.

vii) 7th Bhava: Good aspects may bring gain & pleasing cooperation from wife, partners in business & social contacts. Malefic aspects may cause bickering & unhappiness in married life & business partnership. One may be involved in litigations and not get along with other people.

viii) 8th Bhava: With favourable aspects, there may be unexpected & sudden gain of wealth through unexpected source like speculation, legacies, insurance, gifts or realization of old loan/ debts. Adverse aspects denote failures, increase in expenditure/ liabilities, problems from authorities and serious illness or even death of a close relation.

ix) 9th Bhava: Good aspects may bring peace, prosperity, higher education & long fruitful travels to foreign/ inland. Adverse aspect may cause troubles through religion/ litigation and difficulties & problems in all enterprises/ distant travels and bad health to native or his father.

x) 10th Bhava: Benefic aspects may bring fame, elevation in professional/ social status, high position/ promotion in job and reduced/ comfortable workload. The adverse aspects cause trails & tribulations in career, set back/ punishment in profession and death of a parent or separation from them.

xi) 11th Bhava: With favourable aspects, there may be full cooperation of sincere & influential friends & relatives to realize all hopes, wishes & gains for the native. Adverse aspects may cause difficulties with friends & relatives, who may pull one down in miseries/ failures. Native may be blackmailed/ blamed for incidents where one is least involved.

xii) 12th Bhava: It is a house of residual Karmas, sufferings and self-undoing in life. Under a favourable aspect, the native helps others or helped by others and more inclined to religion & spiritualism. He may be source of encouragement & happiness to persons confined in hospitals, jails & such institutions. Adverse aspects may bring the native to hospitalization, confinement or imprisonment and heavy financial losses or unwanted wasteful expenditure.


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