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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Nodes, Chapter X, Part – 12

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10.7 Conclusion

10.7.1 The Nodes-Rahu & Ketu, may be only two sensitive points without any mass, form or shape, but in astrological analysis they play a very crucial role. In Vedic astrology, Nodes are called as “Shadow Planets” and given ownership of three Nakshtra each bestowing lordship of dasha schemes in Vimshotri pattern. Some astrologers think that these points act as filter for cosmic energies & radiation from extra-Saturian planets in the universe. Their aspects are similar (5th, 7th & 9th) to that of Jupiter. They are always retrograde in motion, so some savants have given them the 12th aspect as well. Their significations are quite mystic & Karmic (related to Karmas of past lives) and their results are normally sudden, unexpected, unconventional and unorthodox.

10.7.2 As Rahu & Ketu always are 180 degrees apart, the nodes always affect as an important axis in a chart. The axis is always key to discover major problems in the life of a native. On one side, there is expansion, grabbing of materialistic abundance & unwelcome foreign guest (Rahu) and on the other side there is detachment, loss & salvation (Ketu). Rahu’s transit shows, where one is likely to expand, driven, try new things and disperse energies into materialistic pursuits. Ketu’s transit show, where one is likely to experience restriction, detachment, completion or focus and deepen spiritual pursuits. Rahu is “the giver/ grabber” and Ketu “the taker” which is indicative of their house/ sign position in the natal chart. Both the Nodes are normally malefic but give auspicious results under specific conditions like conjunction with a Yogkaraka. But they are never considered really benefic in real sense in long run as they always carry some of the heavy burdens of past Karmas, their birth is associated with. Their conjunction/ aspect spoil the significations of other planets though the luminaries suffer the most. Benefics lose their benevolence and turn perverse, while the evil nature of malefics increase. It is generally believed that Rahu acts as Saturn and Ketu as Mars. At times during their dasha period & transit they give results which were to be delivered by Saturn & Mars respectively. The eclipses are the unique transit results of the Nodes along with transit of the Sun & the Moon, which brings out lot of valuable astronomical & astrological data for discoveries & research into the unknown facets of life.

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