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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Jupiter, Chapter VIII, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8.4 Transit of Jupiter through various Houses

Part 2

8.4.5 In 5th from natal Moon: This is a good transit. The native may get higher name, fame & status, higher learning, have happiness with spouse or birth of a son, and auspicious ceremonies like marriage. There may be improvement in business, good returns from investments, monetary gains from many sources, appreciation of good work and promotion in service. One may have new vehicles, clothes, ornaments, profitable acquaintance with people in higher positions and new government job if required. One may engage in social/ charitable or religious works and may attain a higher status like local head or MLA etc. His status, honour and respect will improve. However much of the good results will be negated if there is simultaneous transit by another planet in the 4th house from natal Moon.

8.4.6 In 6th from natal Moon: During this transit, the native may have differences/ disputes with spouse, children & relatives, dangers from thieves, fire or stomach ailments like dysentery/ digestive disorders or windy diseases. He may get involved in litigation, harassed by enemies, may face obstacles & failures, and suffer punishments for adults committed by others. He may have unwanted fears, difficulties, impediments and failures in his attempts. He may not be able to enjoy recreation, music, drama etc. and may enter into unnecessary arguments with others, due to which he may pick up quarrels with others. However if another planet joins in transit in the 6th house itself, the adverse effects will be reduced to some extent.

8.4.7 In 7th from natal Moon: During this transit, it is good time to get married or have a child. One may marry a rich or working girl with high social / financial background bringing good fortune to follow. The spouse will get cooperative & submissive giving all the pleasures and gains, if not already so. He may have intellectual eminence, success in competitions, favourable decisions in legal suits and attracts others through his sweet character & behaviour. The native may have sound health, profound character, interest in new subjects, gainful important journeys and financial gains from many sources. He may enjoy high standard vehicles, clothes, tasty & timely food, and all comforts & luxuries in life. He may have fulfillment of desires, higher social & political status and multiple gains & happiness through higher officials, friends & relatives (especially of opposite sex). However the auspicious results may be negated if simultaneously another planet is transiting in 3rd house.

8.4.8 In 8th from natal Moon: It is one the very inauspicious transit. The native may suffer loss of health or chronic diseases of liver/ stomach to self or his father, shortening the longevity (if Maraka dasha also coincide). He may suffer loss of wealth or property through thieves, fire or government penalties, and unwanted expenditure on litigation/ diseases. He may be forced to have change or residence or transfer to an unwanted place or loss of self-respect by some punishment, dishonor, humiliation, dismissal from job or adverse implication in litigation. There may be misfortune &  miseries, loss of mental/ domestic peace, chances of accidents and fear of imprisonment or losing of job/ business failure. The native may undergo heavy physical stress/ strain, restraints, harassment and fatigue. The adverse results may be mitigated if there is simultaneous transit by another planet in 7th house.


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