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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Fructification of Events, Chapter XI, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

11.2 Dasha Analysis

Part 1

11.2.1 Interpreting Dasha Lords: The first step is to note the dasha, Antar-dasha & Pratyantar dasha, a native is running.  The easiest way to evaluate dashas is to roll with the natural significations a lords and the house where it is posited. However remember Pratyantar dasha lord will function within overall arena of the Antar-dasha lord, who in turn will function within overall guidelines of the dasha lord. For example, let Saturn be the dasha lord in 7th house (directionally strong) in Aries (in debility) for a Libra ascendant (where Saturn is Yogkaraka & Lagnesh is friendly to Saturn). The dash of Saturn will last for 19 years, during which, the native may expect mixed results, like a lot of pain associated with relationships- loneliness, heavy burdens and a hard time getting into or keeping relationships going, but with good domestic & prosperous life and gains from Saturn controlled items. The effects of various Antar-dasha lords & Pratyantar dasha lords will have to operate within these general guidelines. However, there may be occasions when according to the type of events one is looking at, the relative effectiveness of the lords may marginally change.

11.2.2 Dasha lords at Sandhi: There are two eventualities. Either the lord of a dasha may be posited at the Sandhi(boundary) of two house/ Brava; or the dasha lord either just begins its dasha or is nearing the end of its dasha. The classics have termed the former as Brava Sandhi and the later as dasha Chhidra. In neither of the case, good results can be expected. In dasha Chhidra, either the dasha is just getting off the ground or about to finish and is like dawn or dusk-it is neither day nor night; and there is intermingling of energies. For example, during dasha of Saturn, the periods of Saturn-Saturn or Saturn-Jupiter will be dasha Chhidra giving unpleasant results. A dasha lord placed in a house close/ identical to the degree of the ascendant, gives much better & clear results than by the one posited at more that 8 degrees away from the ascendant degree on either side.

11.2.3 House/ Sign Placement of Dasha Lord: The placement of dasha lord in particular house or sign dictates its results to a greta extent. Certain houses/ signs are better than others. Planets placed in Trikone (1st, 5th, & 9th) houses or with Trikone lords tend to do better than planets placed in Trika (6th, 8th & 12th) houses or Trika lords. Planets placed in Kendras may also exert a lot of power during their dasha, more so if it receives aspect of a benefic planet. Similarly planets placed in their exaltation, Mooltrikone or own sign gives much better results than those placed in their debilitation, detrimental or inimical signs. During dasha of planets in debility or in inimical position, native may take interest in destructive work and may be ridiculed by own relatives & friends. When the planet crosses exaltation point and moves to debilitation point, its malefic results increases correspondingly.

11.2.4 Inter-Placements among Dasha Lords: The way in which lords of dasha, Antar-dasha/ Pratyantar-dasha are placed from each other is vitally important. If they are 1/1, 1/7, 3/11, 4/10 or 5/9, chances are good that dasha will flow smoothly with little problem. A Kendra lord with a dasha lord also gives very good results. A dasha lord during transit, when passes over natal position of Antar- dasha lord or vice-versa, proves significant in one’s life. If both the lords are placed in Upachaya (3, 6, 10 or 11th) houses as Upachaya lords, it gives good results in profession. However if lords of dasha/ Antar- dasha are in 2/12 or 6/8 position from each other, their dasha will be rough with various problems at different stages. However they may give good results if the concerned Antar- dasha lord is Vargottam or exalted in Navamsha.


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