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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Fructification of Events, Chapter XI, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

11.2 Dasha Analysis

Part 2

11.2.5 Planets placed with Dasha Lord or in its sign: Benefic planets, if placed with the dasha lord or in its sign, can greatly improve the overall strength and significations of said dasha. On the other hand, malefics placed with dasha lord or in its sign can greatly harm the dasha and the results it can give. If there is a strong benefic in 9th, 10th or 11th house from dasha lord, native may attain increased knowledge, name & fame and gain wealth & position. If there is a strong malefic in 4th house from dasha lord, there may be destruction of significations of dasha lord.

11.2.6 Effects of Depositor and Nakshtra Lord: The planets during their dasha/ Antar-dasha give the effects, good or bad, of the planets in whose sign and Nakshtra it is placed in the natal chart. The period of dasha of the lord of 3rd, 5th & 7th Nakshtra from birth Nakshtra is usually bad.

11.2.7 Nature of Dasha Lords: Dasha and Antar-dasha of retrograde, one exalted & the other debilitated or inimical to each other are never good to the native. During dasha of a retrograde planet, there could be uncertainty in native’s position as also in income and comforts. The dasha of a malefic retrograde planet may bring in all possible calamities. The dasha of a planet, who is placed in a house in identical degrees as ascendant (minus sign), gives important results, either good or evil, as per its house placement. Mercury, if placed in 2nd/’8th house without malefic influence, gives immense wealth during its dasha or Antar-dasha.
11.2.8 Dasha of Weak Planets: A planet, who is weak in natal chart i.e. in debilitation/ inimical sign, combust, lost in planetary war or weak in its Bhinnashtak Varga (BAV) or placed in a house with low Sarvashtak Bindus (SAV), during its dasha, Antar-dasha or Pratyantar- dasha cause destruction of the significations of the planet and the house where it is placed.

11.2.9 Dasha of Rahu/Ketu: Rahu & Ketu don’t own any sign/ house, as such, their dasha/ Antar-dasha can be difficult to interpret. They being natural Malefic, even if they are excellently placed, give some trouble/ confusion. It is said that “Shani vat Rahu, Kuja Vat Ketu” i.e. Rahu acts as Saturn and Ketu as Mars. Any planet closely conjunct with either of them also give bad results. However, Rahu/ Ketu gives Rajyoga, if placed in a Kendra conjunct or aspected by a Trikone lord. But the result of such Rajyoga vanishes by the end of its dasha.

11.2.10 Role of Divisional charts: For better understanding of the promise of the dasha lords, it is essential to analyze the interaction of dasha lords/ planets with and in the concerned divisional charts. Navamsha should be studied for general strength of a planet and for marriage purposes, Saptamsha for children, and Dasamsha for profession, fame etc. and so on. Navamsha position of the mid-point of a house and transit influence there on also gives vital clues.

12.2.11 Example Chart No. 7: Mrs Margaret Thatcher of Britain

The native, a famous British Prime Minister, has Rahu alone in 10th house in Nakshtra of and aspected by Yogkaraka Saturn in close degree with & in Ascendant. This has energized Rahu to great advantage of the native. The dasha of Saturn was far away, so it gave its results during dasha of Rahu. Moreover Rahu, in 12th from its depositor Moon forms Maha Shakti Yoga giving native abundance of courage & achievements in her career. She also had Dhanush (Nabhash) yoga as well the planets are in 10th to 4th house in a continuous order, making her clever, tactful and always alert. In the relevant divisional chart (D-10), Rahu is exalted in Taurus in lagna. Of 5 Apr 1979, during Rahu-Saturn dasha, she became Prime minister of Britain. On that day both Rahu & Saturn were retrograde & posited in Leo aspecting 10th house. She ruled Britain till the end of Rahu Dasha for over a decade. As soon as the dasha of 3-6th lord Jupiter (aspected by 2-7th lord Mars) started, she had to resign on 22nd Nov 1990. On that day, in transit, both Jupiter & Moon were in Rahu-Ketu axis along 3-9 axis.

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