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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Basic Rules of Transit, Chapter II, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

2.9 Transits and Divisional Charts

2.9.1 The motivation for the approach described here comes from principles described in the classics. The “Bhrigu transits”, which correlate the transit positions in Navamsha chart with the natal positions in Moon lagna chart. This approach is a fertile area for research and deserves our attention. A planet occupying or aspecting a sign in transit influences the matters signified by the houses and planets stationed in that sign in the  natal chart. For example, Jupiter transiting over Venus may give marriage. However, we know that Navamsha is the chart that shows marriage. So, is there any significance for Jupiter’s sign transit over the Navamsha of Venus? In other words, if Venus is in Cancer in Navamsha, Jupiter transiting in Cancer in Rasi chart may indicate marriage.

2.9.2 We do not have different zodiacs for different divisional charts. All the divisional charts use the same zodiac. So Cancer in natal Navamsha chart and Cancer in transit Rasi chart are not different. They are one and the same. If Jupiter transiting in Cancer can influence the house and planets stationed in Cancer in Rasi chart, he should be able to influence the house and planets stationed in Cancer in Navamsha chart too! We can extend this logic to all the divisional charts.

2.9.3 Rasi chart shows everything that exists at the physical level. Divisional charts show various areas of life. The interaction between the two decides how events in various areas of life materialize at the physical level. Natal chart shows the innate potential. Transit chart shows the temporary influences. The interaction between the two decides how temporary influences convert innate potential into actions and life events. So the most important interactions are those between

i) A natl divisional chart and the transit Rasi chart, and,

ii) The natal Rasi chart and a transit divisional chart.
Here (i) shows how innate potential in a particular area of life is influenced at a given time to result in action at the physical level. This helps us in coarse timing of events. We can fine-tune the timing of events with (ii), which shows how the potential at the physical level is transformed into an event in a particular area of life.

2.10 Conclusion

2.10.1 Always remember that the transit is a supplementary chart, which should invariably be used along with the natal chart. The Vedic astrology stresses the importance of using the Moon sign as lagna to determine the transit results of various planets. However it is essential that the transit planets should be benefic in nature and be strong enough to deliver good results. The transiting planets will give the results as per their own significations and as per their house lordship or as per their functional nature of malevolence (FM) or benevolence (FB). The Mooltrikone houses and the most effective Point (MEP) play a vital role in transit results as well.

2.10.2 The significant events are triggered by the interplay of the relationship between transit planets and natal planets/ MEP as per their functional nature. Each house, sign and planet demonstrate their significations in the same manner as in natal predictive astrology. The aspects considered in transit are a mix of Vedic and western systems. Conjunction means beginning of a new cycle; Sextile, matters relating relationships to groups; Square, challenges from circumstances that force necessary changes; Trine/ Trikones, a period of auspiciousness and easy energy flow; and opposition, a time of confrontation & culmination of affairs. In addition, special aspects of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Nodes are also to be considered.

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