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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Factors Modifying Transits, Chapter V, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5.9.2 Analysis

i) When the Sun causes Vedha to the Janma Nakshtra, there is danger to life.

ii) If the Sun’s Vedha is to the Dwijanma Nakshtra, there will be loss of wealth.

iii) If the Sun’s Vedha is to the Trijanma Nakshtra, there will be fear/ anxiety.

iv) If the Janma, Dwijanma or Trijanma Nakshtra be afflicted by Mars/ Saturn, serious health problem or even death may occur. If there is Vedha to these Nakshtra by benefic planets, good health should be expected.

v) Vedha to all the seven Nakshtra simultaneously by malefics indicated danger to life. However, if benefics are also involved, it may cause misfortune.

vi) When the Moon is on Janma, Dwijanma or Trijanma Nakshtra, and simultaneously the Sun transits Ulka or the Sun or any other planet changes a sign or an eclipse occur or a planetary war takes place, a serious unfortunate event or even a death can take place.

vii) When the Sun is on Ulka Nakshtra and it is afflicted by transit of Mars/ Saturn, there will be loss of honour/ status.

viii) If a planet causing adverse effect is simultaneously interacts with a benefic planet, the adverse effect is nullified.

ix) A benefic planet is deprived of its beneficial effects if a malefic causes Vedha to it.

x) If a benefic planet, during the course of its transit, is placed in its sign of debility, combustion or in its enemy’s sign, may cause adverse effects.

xi) When the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn transits 1st, 8th or 10th house from the Moon sign, they may cause to the native danger of life, fall from position and loss of wealth.

xii) In the course of its transit, the Sun in the 5th, the Moon in the 8th, Mars in the 7th, Mercury in the 4th, Jupiter in the 3rd, Venus in the 6th and Saturn in 1st, from the natal Moon, cause loss of honour & wealth and danger to life.

xiii) A planet, having 6 or more Bhinnashtak points, will not suffer any Vedha.

5.9.3 Example: Let us take an example of a native with the Moon in hasta Nakshtra in his birth chart. The main planets during transit on 3rd Jun 1975 were the Sun in Rohini, the Moon in P. Bhadrapad, Mars in U. Bhadrapad, Jupiter in Revati, Venus & Saturn in Punurvasu, Rahu in Anuradha and Ketu in Krittika Nakshtra. The various sensitive Nakshtra for this native were as under:

Table No. 31: Sensitive Nakshtra for a Hasta birth star native

S. No.
Name of Nakshtra
No of star from natal star
Name of star
Vedha Nakshtra
P. Ashada, U. Bhadra, Ardra
Jyestha, Shatbhisha, Rohini
Bharini, Ashlesha, Vishakha
Revati, Punurvasi, Chitra
Dhanishta, Krittika, Magha
Swati, Abhijit, Ashwani
U. Phalguni, Moola, P. Bhadra

On 3rd Jun 1975, the native fell down the stairs of his house and broke his neck. He was hospitalized for a number of months and also underwent surgery. He finally returned home safely and lived a normal life. On the fateful day, Mars was in U. Bhadrapad causing Vedha to Janma Nakshtra. The Sun was in Rohini on Trijanma Nakshtra and also causing Vedha to Vipat Nakshtra. Saturn & Venus were transiting Vainashik Nakshtra and causing Vedha to Vedha Nakshtra & to transiting Moon in P. Bhadrapad. Rahu was in Anuradha on Pratyari Nakshtra and Ketu in Krittika causing Vedha to Dwijanma Nakshtra. However the two benefic planets Jupiter & Venus from Revati & Punurvasu were providing benefic influences on Vadha & Vainashik Nakshtra. These two influences saved the life of the native who had to undergo severe injuries, surgery & hospitalization due to other adverse influences mentioned above.


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