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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Factors Modifying Transits, Chapter V, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5.10 Lunation Cycle

5.10.1 The transit of Moon through the houses and in contact with natal planets in these houses is significant, because the Moon is the greatest facilitator/ catalyst of triggering any event, good or bad, due to its intimate relationship with the Sun. A lunation cycle is the cycle of relationship between the transit Sun and the transit Moon. The different periods in this cycle are made obvious by the ever changing size of the Moon during a month when this cycle lasts. The changes are not in the Moon itself, but the relationship between the Sun and the Moon, as seen from the Earth. This cycle indicates increase in significance on radical transformation. From the trans-personal point of view, this cycle establishes the basic rhythm or whose dynamic foundation, a native attempts at radical transformation.

5.10.2 When a planet transits over a house, a point or a natal planet, its effects are modified by the phase of the lunatic cycle at that stage. Generally speaking, during waxing Moon phase, the results are better than during the waning Moon phase. The lives of the natives groping for a basic understanding of why and exactly how they had to pass through a series of traumatic experiences have been illuminated and at least partially transformed by its use. An event had been defined as the intersection of curved world lines, as an abstraction of cyclic process. To understand an event had been defined as the intersection of curved world lines, as an abstraction of cyclic process. To understand an event is to be able to perceive it not as an isolated entity, but as an intersection or conjunction of cosmic or planetary cycles. The event has to be perceived by a mind (represented by Moon) able to embrace the entire process and to give meaning to all its phases.

5.11 Moorthy Nirnay

5.11.1 It is an interesting method of finding out the modifications to the results of a transiting planet based on position of two Moons- the natal & transiting. This tale of two Moons starts when a planet ingresses into a new sign. Most astrologers apply this phenomenon to the entry of slow moving planets Saturn and Jupiter only. However it can be used in case of any planet with same ease and accuracy. Note the Position of transiting Moon from the natal Moon sign at the time of ingress of a planet into a new sign. The various positions have been divided into four groups- Swarna (Gold), Rajata (Silver), Tamra (Copper) and Loha (Iron) with startling results of planets during their period of sojourn in the new sign as under;

Table No. 32: Moorthy Nirnay for Transiting Planets

House occupied by Transiting Moon counted from natal Moon
Moorthy Nirnay
Results/ Grading
1st, 6th, or 11th
Swarna (Gold)
Extremely Auspicious(++)
2nd, 5th, or 9th
Rajat (Silver)
Moderately Auspicious(+)
3rd, 7th or 10th
Tamra (Copper)
Moderately inauspicious(-)
4th, 8th, or 12th
Loha (Iron)
Extremely inauspicious(--)

5.11.2 If a planet is transiting a favourable house and its Moorthy is gold, it will give full benefic results. But if a planet is transiting an unfavourable house and its Moorthy is gold, its malefic results will be considerably reduced. Similarly if a planet is transiting a favourable house with Iron Moorthy, its benefic results will be considerably reduced; and if the planet is transiting an unfavourable house with Iron Moorthy, it will give full malefic results.

5.11.3 Example: Let us consider a native whose Natal Moon was in Taurus. During Jul 2002, both Jupiter and Saturn changed their sign. On 5th Jul 2002, Jupiter ingresses into Cancer, while the Moon was transiting in Aries. As transiting Moon is in 12th house from natal Moon, this ingress is with Iron Moorthy. Again as Jupiter has moved into 3rd house from Natal Moon, the Jupiter’s result will be malefic/ adverse. Hence the Moorthy Nirnay is highly inauspicious. Again on 23 Jul 2002, the Saturn moved into Gemini, the 2nd sign from natal Moon. Hence the planet will give adverse results as the Sade Sati period is still on. Now on 23 Jul 2002, the Moon is transiting in Sagittarius, the 8th house from Taurus, hence it is also in Iron Murthy and will give very adverse results. The native, who was running the dasha Saturn- Jupiter at the time, lost his wife during this time.


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