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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 12

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.5.7 6th House Transits

The Sun: It removes diseases, destroys enemies, dispels sorrow/ anxieties, and gives success in competitions & undertakings. It indicates recognition of merit, increment in salary or due promotion, good income, success in government work, and arrivals of friends & relations.

The Moon: It indicates gain of wealth & good health, freedom from diseases, and emotional repression of one kind or another will cause happiness.

Mars: Enemies, petty quarrels & jealousies are finally subdued. One gets happiness, success in official work and litigation, favours from superiors, profit in business, and victory over opponents.

Mercury: An excellent time for mental work to gain success, popularity & domestic peace and having good relations with superiors, colleagues & subordinates. But affliction to the house or planet, makes one nervous/ tense and adversely affect the health.

Jupiter: It brings unnecessary worries, sufferings from superiors & enemies, false accusations & litigations, additional responsibilities and frequent bouts of sickness but with early recovery.

Venus: It indicates quarrels/ misunderstandings with or illness to wife or other females of household, increased expenditure and losses in disputes/ litigations and bad name in social circles. But this is a good period for service matters, relations with superiors and gains from the state.

Saturn: It is a period of destruction of enemies, gain & success in service & enterprises, good inflow of wealth, profit in business, good health and all round prosperity; but also of heavy responsibility & hard work.

Rahu: It indicates good health, happiness, profit in business or profession, success over opponents and in competitions.

Ketu: It denotes indifferent health, realization of dues, general success and unexpected income/ profit in business.


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