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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 13

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.5.8 7th House Transits
The Sun: It indicates fear, anxiety, disease or accident to self/ wife, danger from fire, fraud or thieves, displeasure from superiors / persons in authority, unwanted travels, unwelcome news and illegal connections.

The Moon: It denotes untoward events or emotional encounters, ill health, fear or loss of money, anxiety or depressive mood.

Mars: It denotes fear or danger of disease, accidents or wounds to self or wife, blood poisoning, mental worry/ fatigue, loss of prestige & wealth and bad luck.

Mercury: A period of success in official work, good income, acquisition of wealth/ property, enjoyment of luxuries and overall happiness.

Jupiter: It indicates ill health, disappointments/ troubles from wife & relations, loss of money, bad luck, but a period of acquisition by inheritance or experience of occult or religious uplifts.

Venus: It denotes gain of wealth through spouse, success in love affairs or in lottery, good name in society and all round prosperity.

Saturn: It is an evil transit called Ashtama Shani and gives lot of worries, unnecessary complications, financial and marital problems, ill health, accidents heart troubles, extramarital relations, false accusation, death or serious disease to some relation and problems in profession.

Ketu: It denote ill health, injury, bad luck, mental worries, troubles from in-laws and misunderstandings.


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