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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.5.4 3rd House Transits

The Sun: One may acquire a new & prestigious position, success over enemies, fulfillment of pending desires, recognition of merit, good health, renewed energy, freedom from sickness, help from brothers & influential persons but separation from brothers.

The Moon: It denotes success, happy mood, gain of good dress, friendship and association with opposite sex. Control over emotions will be helpful.

Mars: One will enjoy good health, vitality, energy & happiness, success over enemies and happy end of quarrels, promotion in service, fulfillment of desires, gain of income, willing help from friends & brothers and pleasures from children as well as gain from wife.

Mercury: It is not a good time to relax. It indicates fear from opponents, disharmony & misunderstanding with authorities, relations & co-workers, extra expenditure, worries and loss of a kin.

Jupiter: It indicates loss of position, obstruction & troubles in profession, false accusation, unnecessary wanderings, fruitless attempts, failure in social life, grief it friends circle and ill health. But there will be harmony within family and gain through writings & communications.

Venus: It indicates a period of love, harmony, prosperity, happiness, pleasant social life, gain of wealth, success, favours & profits from friends & relations and increased honour & influence.

Saturn: It denotes great gains, good name, recognition & promotion, social success, good income, gets good servants, additions to family, fruitful undertakings, new friendships and all round success.

Rahu: It gives material happiness, success over enemies, various types of gains, praised by friends, siblings & relatives, happy ceremonies and good health.

Ketu: It indicates unexpected gains, good health, but worries/ misunderstandings with siblings or wife, and extra-expenditure.


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