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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Planets, Chapter III, Part - 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3.5.5 4th House Transits

The Sun: It marks a period of loss of wealth, unnecessary expenditure, curtailed happiness, impediments in conjugal or domestic peace, chest pain, blood pressure, cough & fever and trouble over landed property.

The Moon: It creates suspicion of everybody and everything, fear, depressive moods, but emotionally more possessive both to things & intimate relations.

Mars: It denotes chest pains, fever, blood pressure, heart troubles, dispute in family or professional field, sorrows through parents, relations or opponents, bad luck, and failure in educational pursuits.

Mercury: It indicates success in plans, scheme or examination for gain of money, status, happiness, popularity or enjoyment, domestic happiness & prosperity, family matters will be settled and communications will be gainful.

Jupiter: It indicates worries, much expenditure, ill health, sorrow through relations and possible humiliation and danger from vehicles. But one may acquire or add landed properties/ vehicles and have good income from it. One may also have peace & security in personal/ family life.

Venus: It denotes domestic happiness, luxuries & comforts of all types including vehicle, ornaments etc., good health, good income from property, increase power & influence, social success and pleasant journeys.

Saturn: It is an evil transit called Kantak Shani and denotes critical domestic problems, loss of mental peace or property, loss of prestige, failure in education, heart troubles and ill health of parents.

Rahu: It indicates sorrows & troubles at various fronts like domestic life, parent’s health or landed properties, palpitation and fear of death, and quarrels & litigations.

Ketu: It indicates quarrels & misunderstandings inside & outside home, failure in attempts and troubles from tenants & relations.


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