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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Inner Planets’ Transits, Chapter VI, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6.1 Introduction

6.1.1 The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are called inner or minor or inferior planets. Their transits are considered relatively less important because of their fleeting duration and nature. For example, the effect of the Moon lasts only for five to six hours, the effects of Mercury & Venus lasts for couple of days normally.  However, if either of these planets is retrograde, because of the triple transit over a particular point, its effect may increase up to a week as well. The Sun, though always direct, has its effect for about a weak. The transit of inner planets, may be for a much shorter duration, help in timing of events by an outer planet by approximately coinciding with it and reinforcing the nature of transit of the outer planet.

6.1.2 The Sun is a natural malefic (rather Krror) and separative planet. It combusts planets (other than Nodes) when posited in close range. The Sun is strong at Noon, 10th house and Aries & Leo sign,
The Moon is a great facilitator of any occurrence and benefic when waxing but malefic when waning. It is strong during night, in 4th house and in Taurus & Cancer sign. Mercury is a benefic but is prone to turn malefic when influenced by a malefic. It is strong at dawn, in 1st house and in Gemini & Virgo sign. The Venus is a highly benefic & feminine planet. It is strong during night, in 4th house and in Taurus, Libra & Pisces sign.

6.2 Transit Results of The Sun

Part 1

6.2.1 The Sun gives benefic results in 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th from the Moon sign, provided there is no obstruction by any planet other than Saturn in house 7th from it. In other places he gives bad results and the worst results being in 5th from the Moon sign. The Sun remains in any house for one month and represents soul, vigour, energy system of the body and social status. He is a royal but separatist planet. The general results of transits of Sun in various houses are given in succeeding Para.

6.2.2 In Moon Sign: The native may suffer ill health, headache, eye diseases, stomach pain, and bilious diseases due to blood pressure, heart, over-heat, physical and mental worries. It may cause marital unhappiness, disputes & misunderstanding with spouse and even separation for short duration. The native may face sorrow/ pain with friends & authorities, demotion/ humiliation, delays in undertakings, and aimless wandering. However, as per, western astrology, it indicates a productive and potentially satisfying day.

6.2.3 In 2nd from Moon: Here, the Sun may cause loss of wealth/ property due to evil/ cunning company, financial set back, punishment by authorities, and chances of theft/ robberies. Native’s tongue may be sharp with bad temper & adamant nature resulting in quarrels & disputes with spouse, friends & relations. He may have problems in eyes or throat. The Sun may make the native greedy and resort to evil methods of getting money, but his gains will be much less as compared to his efforts and labour.

6.2.4 In 3rd from Moon: The Sun bestows good income, rise in status, name & fame, extinction of enemies, recoveries from diseases, freedom from debts, success in education, over all happiness & good health. The native his success in new ventures, profitable professional changes. Makes correct decisions, recognition by superiors, comforts in family life, promotion and transfer to place of choice. One may marry the person one likes or females may become pregnant. However the siblings may suffer, but still be helpful to the native.

6.2.5 In 4th from Moon: It indicates loss of happiness, domestic problems with father or spouse, loss/ disputes in agricultur5e or immovable property and mental anguish. The females at home may suffer from some sickness or the accident. The native may suffer fever or body pain, be restless, indecisive nature, have change of place or has quarrels/ misunderstandings with wife, friends & relations. One has a feeling that circumstances are working against him.


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