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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: What is Transit, Chapter I, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1.4 Aspects/ Influences

Part 1

1.4.1 In natal astrology, considerable large allowances are made for the orbs of influence of different types of aspects, but in transit, the orbs allowed are much smaller. Opinions may vary as to the size of allowable orbs for transiting aspects, but their effects will be felt most strongly when they are exact to within just one degree and are unlikely to be felt at all outside a distance of six degrees. This applicable right across the board for all major aspects which are as under:

i) Conjunction is a first house aspect. It marks the beginning of a new cycle or phase of life, with the transit by one planet over another or over a house cusp. It indicates an event/ matter either within yourself or with the most intimate surrounding. It also marks the culmination of the process that began at the last opposition transit involving the same two planets.

ii) Opposition is a 7th house aspect. It marks a time of dynamic changes and confrontation with others. It denotes the culmination of affairs in certain manner or the total collapse of some areas of life that has not worked successfully. It brings about events that increase self-consciousness through meetings with others and inter-action between one’s inner & outer worlds.

iii) Sextile is a 3rd or 11th house aspect. It denotes matters involving one’s relationship to groups and interaction with immediate surroundings. It is a time of balance, when one can and should take initiative; or a time of reviewing recent events and bring changes involving relatively little efforts with little resistance from outside circumstances.

iv) Square/ quartile is a 4th or 10th house aspect. It marks challenges from circumstances of others that force one to prove self or to make necessary change by way of relating to others. It is a time when a course of action proves incorrect or, if the challenge is withstood, a time of new initiative and active forward motion. In western astrology, it is an evil aspect but as per Vedic astrology, it gives benefic/ mixed results.

v) Trine is a 5th or 9th house aspect. It is one of the best aspect both as per western and Vedic astrology. It is a period of easy energy flow and relative less stress, when one can make creative changes but are tempted to just flow along. It is a time when one’s experience & self-expression expand to make one wiser and more effective. Even when there is considerable activity, matters often work out with little efforts.

vi) In addition, 4th & 8th aspects of Mars, 3rd & 10th aspects of Saturn, and 5th & 9th aspects of Jupiter, Rahu & Ketu should also be considered.


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