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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9. Eighth House of Death, humiliation or disease

Part 1

1. Afflicted Mars in the 8th house causes fear from fire, weapon or ruler.

2. Mars as year lord, weak & afflicted, causes wounds by weapon. In fiery signs there is danger from fire and in biped signs could be death at the hands of cruel persons.

3. Mars in 8th house in signs Aries, Taurus, Leo, or Sagittarius cause injury due to sword. If associated with lagna lord & 8th lord also, could cause death.

4. If Mars & Moon are in lagna & afflicted, Jupiter in 8th house may cause physical disability, or epilepsy.

5. Sun & Mars in 8th may cause fall from vehicle or height and if Saturn also joins in, there could be serious vehicular accident.

6. Jupiter as year lord, if afflicted in 8th house, causes loss of wealth.

7. A combust birth lagna lord in 8th house of annual chart without any benefic influence.

8. The lagna lord in 8th house in Ithasala with 8th lord cause serious illness.

The following combinations indicate death, if there is Maraka dasha operating in birth chart. If serious affliction is not seen in birth chart, these generally lead to serious illness.

1.. The Sun, Mars & Mercury in 8th house.

2. Mars as year lord & afflicted, placed in 8th house.

3. The Punya Saham and/ or its lord in 8th house and afflicted.

4. The lords of lagna, Muntha & the year together in 8th or in Ithasala with 8th lord.

5. Lord of lagna/ Muntha in conjunction with or in adverse aspect to the lord of Mrityu Saham.

6. Afflicted Saturn in 8th in Ithasala with lagna lord and being 8th lord in birth chart may cause immediate death.

7. If lagna lord combines with 8th lord & Muntha lord in houses 4, 8, or 12th, one meets with death due to diseases represented by concerned planets.

8. Lords of lagna of birth & annual chart in 8th house and afflicted.

9. Afflicted Moon in 8th and in Ithasala with 8th lord.

10. Muntha associated with or aspected by malefic is placed in house 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th or 12th.

The Death may be due to suicide, if

1.. A malefic in birth lagna, falling in 8th house of annual chart, when aspected by a debilitated Mars.

2. Saturn & Muntha in 8th house of annual chart is associated with Mars.

3. Lord of birth lagna in 8th house of annual chart and afflicted by malefics.

Chart No. 44: Mr Gaurav Kant: Born 13 Jun 1967 (Tuesday) at 11-50 PM at Mathura: 44th Annual Chart for 2010-11: Death


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