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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart, Chapter XIII, Part - 12

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9. Eighth House of Death, humiliation or disease

Part 2

Main Features:

1. In birth chart, Lagna is Aquarius, Lagna lord Saturn in 2nd, Moon in 7th, 8th house has Mars and 8th lord Mercury in 5th house. He had Vimshotri dasha of Mars-Mercury during Jan 2011. Mars is placed in 8th house and Mercury is 8th lord, hence a potent Marak dasha. The native was undergoing last third period of Sade –Sati during this period.

2. Occurrence of inauspicious Dwi-Janam lagna and its lord in 8th house.

3. Lord of Mrityu Saham and lord of birth & annual hart Saturn in mutual aspect.

4. Mrityu Saham is in close conjunction with Rahu and in 8th from 8th lord, Mercury.

5. Muntha is in 8th house with Saturn and 8th lord & Muntha lord Mercury in inauspicious 4th house.

6. Weak Moon is in sign of Muntha lord Mercury, in Ithasala with Saturn and in Rahu-Ketu axis. The native was running Mudda Vimshotri dasha of Moon from 9 Jan to 8 Feb 2011.

7. Kendras & Trikones have malefic influence only.

The native died of blood cancer on 28 Jan 2011.

The general results of various planets placed in 8th house and afflicted are as under:

1.. Sun: Causes physical troubles, loss of health & wealth and sorrow.

2. Moon: leads to difficulties, fever, stomach troubles, eye troubles and danger from water.

3. Mars: gives troubles from enemies or fire, difficulties to wife, wound from weapon, surgery, mental worries.

4. Mercury: Gives troubles in eyes, fear and severe physical & mental worries.

5. Jupiter: Causes fever, sudden expenditure, fear from enemies, troubles to wife and foreign travels.

6. Venus: Physical troubles, fear, loss of comfort or religion, dispute with enemies or women.

7. Saturn: Causes windy troubles, fear from government, loss of wealth, anxieties, death or death like problems.

8. Rahu: Causes diarrhea or typhoid, poisoning, and unpleasant events in the family.

9. Ketu: Gives generosity, religious bent of mind, diseases that are difficult to diagnosis.


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