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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Maasa Phal or Monthly Chart, Chapter XIV, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8. Analysis of Monthly chart

The monthly chart is analyzed in the same manner as the annual chart. It must always be analyzed in conjunction with the annual & birth chart. The results of monthly chart will obviously be applicable to the month under consideration. The lord of the month has the same importance/ significance in a monthly chart as the year lord has in an annual chart. The Tajika yogas, aspects, Sahams, and other Parashari principles may all be applied in order to make possible a closer scrutiny of timing of events. As per Neelkanth, if the Navamsha lords of the lagna, of the lagna lord and of the Moon have friendly aspects (3-11 or 5-9), the native enjoys sound health. If these Navamsha lords have inimical aspects, there would be mental tension, illness and misfortune during the month.

1. Lagna lord Venus is in 2nd house with Mrityu Saham in Rahu-Ketu axis. In annual chart also Venus was in Rahu-Ketu axis.

2. The Muntha & Muntha lord Moon is associated with 12th lord Mars and 8th lord of birth & monthly chart Jupiter.

3. The lord of the month and of the year, Sun, is in Ishraf yoga with 12th lord Mars indicating explosion & violence.

4. Retrograde Saturn was in Poorna Ithasala with 8th lord Jupiter.

5. Retrograde Saturn aspects lagna & Muntha.

6. The Navamsha lords of Lagna, of Lagna lord and of Moon are Saturn, Jupiter and Mars respectively. All three are in inimical aspect with each other being in 3-9 axis, indicating great misfortune.

7. None of the Kendra/ Trikone houses had any benefic influence.

8. The native had dasha of Rahu-Mercury in birth chart and Patyani dasha of Mercury in Annual chart. In the monthly chart, Mercury was in 12th house of inimical Mars and aspected by Mars (Ishraf Yoga) and by Rahu from 8th house.

9. The native was assassinated in a violent explosion on 21 May 1991.

Let us consider another monthly chart of Ms Indira Gandhi for the Month of Oct 1984. She had Cancer lagna in both natal & annual chart. The dasha operating during oct 1984 in natal chart was Saturn-Mars and Pratyari dasha during oct 1984 was that of Saturn.

Chart No. 47: Monthly Chart of Mrs Indira Gandhi for Oct 1984

Main features were:

1. Lagna lord Mercury was in 2nd house with 6th lord Saturn & 12th lord Sun.

2. The 6th lord Saturn (dasha lord of natal & annual chart) was in Ithasala with 8th lord & Muntha lord Mars, placed in 4th house.

3. The Mars was also in Ithasala with Moon (lagna lord of natal & annual chart) and with lagna lord Mercury.

4. The Moon was also in Ithasala with Saturn.

5. Muntha is in 3rd house in Rahu-Ketu axis.

6. The affliction of lagna, lagna lord, & Moon by 6th & 8th lord Saturn & Mars, caused assassination of the native on 31 Oct 1984 by bullet injury.

9. The Day Chart
1. Just as Sun’s transit through one sign indicates the monthly return of the Sun, similarly its transit through one degree indicates daily return of the Sun. The Sun covers approximately a longitudinal arc of one degree every day. Keeping the minutes & seconds of the Sun’s natal longitude constant and adding one degree for each day, gives the longitude of the Sun for a given day. The time at which the Sun attains this longitude is called Dina-Pravesh or daily return of the Sun. A days chart can then be cast and analyzed using known parameters. Thus there can be 365 day-charts in any given year.

2. According to Neelkanth, we should have full calculations in respect of positions of planets and houses in a day chart. In a day chart, the lagna sign and the Moon sign becomes extra-important. The results should be spelt out on the basis of strength or weakness of Navamsha lords of the Lagna and of the Moon. The Muntha progresses by five minutes per day (as it moves by 2 degree 30 min in a month). This will help locate the position of on any given day. If the day lord, month lord, year lord and Muntha lord are well placed and well aspected, the day will be good. The Malefic placing, association and aspect will make it inauspicious.

3. The results of a day chart depend to a great extent on the position of Moon at the time of Dina-Pravesh. For working out the general results, we take only the degree and minutes of the Moon and not its sign number. This is multiplied by two and divided by five. The Moon has 12 states in a sign depending upon its position. The number as quotient tells us about the past. In predicting the results as per position of Moon, we should take results of the number next to the quotient. The 12 states of the Moon and its corresponding results are as under:

State of the Moon
Pravas (Journey)
Journeys-short/ long
Nasta (Destruction)
Excess expenditure, loss of wealth
Maran (Death)
Death or death like troubles
Jaya (Victory)
Victory over Enemies
Hasya (Laughter)
Enjoyment, pleasure
Rati (Indulgent
Sexual satisfaction
Kreeda (Sports)
Sports, game or fun
Prasupta (Sleep)
Sleeping or relaxing
Fear, pain etc.
Jwara (Fever)
Disease, illness
Kampita (Shivering)
Sorrows & losses
Susthita (Well placed)
Comforts, Joy & pleasures

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