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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Maasa Phal or Monthly Chart, Chapter XIV, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Casting of a Monthly Chart

1. A monthly chart is usually casted to ascertain/ confirm a particular event in a native’s life. For example Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on 21 May 1991, during his 47th year life. In order to make a monthly chart for May 1991, we first refer back to chart No. 26, Annual chart for Rajiv Gandhi for 1990-91. It is seen that longitude of the Sun is Leo 3 degree 49 min 4 sec. From Ephemeris of 1991, the date & time during the month of May (and before date of the event), we find that the Sun attains in Taurus this longitude of the Sun. The exact time of Maas-Pravesh is worked out from the Ephemeris for May 1991 as under:

a) The longitude of Sun, at 5:30 AM on 19 May 1991 is Taurus 3 degree 47 min 57 sec.

b) The longitude of Sun on 20 May 1991 at 5:30 AM is Taurus 4 degree 45 min 43 sec. Thus our required degree of Sun falls between 5:30 on 19 May 1991 and 5:30 AM on 20 May 1991.

c) The Sun must move another 1 min 7 sec from the time on 5:30 at 19 May 1991 to reach the required longitude of the Sun.

d) The movement of Sun in 24 hours is 57 min 46 sec. Therefore the time taken for the Sun to attain the required longitude after 5:30 AM on 19 May 1991 is 27 min 50 sec.

e) Therefore the Maas-Pravesh time will be on 19 May 1991 at 5: 57:50 AM (IST).

2. Alternatively with the help of Ephemeris of May 1945, find out Maas-Pravesh in May 1945, which happens to be on 18 May 1945 at Friday 11h, 1 min, 45 sec. Add Dhruvank for 46 completed years, which as per table is 1 day, 19h, 1 min, 27 sec. The total would give the Maas-Pravesh in May 1991 as 7th day (Sunday) on 19th May at 6h, 3m, 12 sec. It may be noted that this Maas-Pravesh differs from the one calculated by previous method by over 5 minutes. The lagna in either case be in Taurus but in different Navamsha. The readers may cast the monthly based on either Maas-Pravesh timing and decide the utility of the method for themselves.

3. Based on Maas-Pravesh of 5th, 57 min, 50 sec on 19 May 1991, at Bombay the monthly chart will be as under:

Chart No. 46: Rajiv Gandhi: Monthly Chart for the month of May 1991

6. Muntha in Monthly Chart

As stated earlier in the chapter on “Muntha”, the Muntha is in lagna at the time of birth at the same degree as the lagna itself. Every year it progresses by one sign or every month 2 degree, 30 min. For placing Muntha in a monthly chart, first work out its position in the annual chart. For example in above mentioned case, since the annual chart is for 47th year, the completed years are 46 and hence the Muntha will be in Gemini at the same degree as the lagna in birth chart i.e. 14 degree 36 min. The native was born in Aug 1990, and before May 1991, he had completed nine months of his 47th year. In nine months, the Muntha would have advanced by 9x 2 degree 30 min or 22 degree 30 min. Adding this value to the Muntha in annual chart, we get:

Gemini 14 degree 36 min + 22 degree 30 min = Cancer 7 degree 6 min.

7. The Maasesha or the Lord of the Month

In a monthly chart, the role & significance of Lord of the month is the same as that of lord of the year in an annual chart. The mode of selection is also similar. In the annual chart, there are five offices bearers (lagna lord of birth & annual chart, Muntha lord, Tri-rashi pati, & Dinratri-pati) out of which one who is is the strongest in Panch-vargiya Bala and aspects lagna is chosen as lord of the year. In case of monthly chart, there is an additional sixth office bearer, the lord of sign occupied by Sun in case of day Maas-Pravesh or the lord of the Moon sign lord if Maas-Pravesh is in the night. In the above mentioned example, the lord of the month is Sun.

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