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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Basic Considerations, Chapter IX, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Basic Considerations

1. It has widely accepted that a knowledge of the basics of the Parashari system is essential to understand and apply Tajika system for annual horoscopy. The Tajika system is basically an extension of Parashari system. The Tajika resembles the Parashari system in numerous ways. The casting of horoscope & divisional charts, and the significations of houses, signs, Nakshtras & planets are the same as in Parashari system. While discussing the introduction to Tajika, we have given the common ground between Tajika and Parashari as far as signs are concerned. We will now discuss the basics of houses, planets and Nakshtras which are same in Tajika and Parashari as far as annual horoscopy is concerned.

2. Styles of Horoscope: In India, various styles of horoscope are in vogue, but most common among them are the two-North Indian style & South Indian style, both having 12 houses each. The lagna or ascendant is the first house (Bhava) and the other houses follow in succession from North to West direction in the North Indian chart and from North to East in the South Indian charts. In the North Indian charts, four Kendras are bigger in size in oblique square shape with balance eight houses smaller in size in triangular shape; whereas in the South Indian charts all the 12 houses are of square shape around a vacant hollow square. In the South Indian charts, signs are fixed in a clockwise order, so there is no need to write the number of signs in houses; but it is necessary to write the number of signs invariably in each house which are fixed in number in anti-clockwise pattern in North Indian charts.

3. Extent of houses: The zodiac is divided into 12 houses and each house extends over more or less 30 degrees, but  not exactly so. The lagna is longitude of point of intersection of the ecliptic path with eastern horizon of the place. It is the mid-point of the first house. The Medium Coeli (M. C.) is longitude of the point of intersection of the ecliptic of the given time with the meridian of the place and is the mid-point of the 10th house. If we add six signs to the longitude of the lagna, it gives the mid-point of the 7th house and adding six signs to longitude of M.C. gives mid-point of 4th house (However some astrologers are of the opinion that lagna or M.C. is the starting point of the first and 10th house respectively). The mid-points of other houses are obtained by proportional measurements. The difference between a house and a Bhava is that whereas each house has a fixed extent of 30 degrees, the extent of a Bhava may be slightly more or less depending on the meridian & ascension and their boundaries will not exactly tally. However for ease of calculations, the two terms are normally considered similar.

4. General Analysis of a House: The factors that influence the analysis of a house are the placing of planets in a house in the middle or at Sandhi, their nature & characteristics, the signs they occupy, state of exaltation/ debilitation, the combustion or retrogression, their aspects and the kind of yogas they form in the annual chart. The analysis of any annual chart deeply intermingles with that of the birth chart. Following factors need frequent attention:

1. Each house of any birth/ annual chart must be analyzed first individually and then jointly with other houses.

2. Placement of birth lagna & Lagnesh in the annual chart.

3. The signs occupied by various planets in the birth chart and in the annual chart.

4. Location of Muntha and the Muntha lord in relation to lagna in the birth as well as in the annual chart.

5. Recurrence of birth lagna as the lagna of annual chart as well, also called as Dwi-Janam Year is generally not good.

6. The yoga and the Sahams in the birth as well in the annual chart.

7. A planet strong in birth chart, but weak in annual chart, would fail to deliver results promised in the birth chart.

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