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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Basic Considerations, Chapter IX, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Most Effective Point (MEP) of a house: The rising degree of lagna is the most effective point for all the houses. Any planet placed within a degree or two on either side of it in any house would influence the significations of the house in a very pronounced manner according to its functional nature. For example, if 23 degree rises in Sagittarius lagna and Moon is placed at 24 degrees in the 3rd house in Aquarius (ruled by Saturn), it becomes the most effective point of the 3rd house. This Moon is a functional malefic (being 8th lord) is at the MEP of the 3rd house. It will not only mar the initiative of the native, but during sub-periods of Moon & Saturn, it will not allow any initiative of the native to succeed. The aspect of Moon on the MEP of the 9th house would also cause obstructions in the significations of the 9th house during sub-periods of Moon and of 9th lord Sun. In such a case, if the Sun is well placed and strong, the adverse impact of Moon would become mild. Now suppose 3rd lord Saturn is weak and badly placed, the impact of Moon on 3rd house significations during sub-periods of Moon & Saturn would be quite grave. However if the planet in the MEP is a functional benefic, during sub-periods of its and its dispositor, the results would be very fruitful.

6. Strength of a House/ Bhava: A house/ Bhava becomes strong, its significations flourish and it gives favourable results, if –

1. The house lord occupies/ aspects his own house.

2. The house is occupied/ aspected by a benefics only or is in Shubhkartari.

3. The house lord is in exaltation, Mooltrikone or own sign.

4. The house lord is conjunct, aspected or is in Shubhkartari.

5. The house lord is posited in a Kendra or trikone house in strength.

6. The house lord is in 3rd, 5th, 9th, or 11th from it.

7. The dispositor of house lord is in exaltation, Mooltrikone or own sign.

8. The house is occupied by a planet in its exaltation, Mooltrikone or own sign.

A house/ Bhava becomes weak or may be destroyed and gives unfavourable results if the house has the opposite traits. When both benefic and malefic influences operate on a house, mixed results are indicated.

7. Significations of Houses: The 12 houses have reference to all relations and events during the journey of the soul from the cradle to the grave. A house exhibits its significations through its significator, sign posited in it, its lord. While analysing a house, we should also consider its position with respect to Karya Bhava, Karaka of event and Moon as well. The most effective point of a house is called its Cusp which is identical with the longitude of lagna sans sign. The lord of Nakshtra wherein this point lies is called the Cuspal lord. The house draws its strength from the strength of Cuspal lord. Uttar Kalamrita by Kalidas, gives in detail the general significations of each house. However the major significations of each house are as under:
Part 1
1st House: It is also called lagna or Ascendant or Tanu Bhava and its lord lagnesh. It is the most important house as it is a Kendra as well as Trikone. It generally represents body, general health & character, appearance, personality, complexion, longevity, head, the present (time), details about the birth, the beginning, queries. The general karaka of this house is Sun and Jupiter & Mercury are Dig Bali here.

2nd House: It is also called Dhan or Kutumb Bhava. It signifies riches, bank-position, wealth- self earned & accumulated, gems, gains & losses, possessions, trade in domestic/ house hold items, family, second marriage, in-laws, education in family trade/ vocation, food, right eye, face, nose, oral cavity, cheeks, chin, teeth, tongue, nails, speech, memory, eloquence, music- hymns & lores, clothes, horses etc. Jupiter is the general karaka of this house. However Sun signifies right eye; Venus signifies vision in right eye, ornaments & facial luster; Mercury signifies speech & music; and Rahu signifies teeth.

3rd House: It is also called Sahaj or Parakrama Bhava. It signifies younger siblings, close relations, neighbours, father-in-law, servants, labourers, courage, valour, patriotism, longevity, entrepreneurship, perverse intellect, wicked intentions, rumours, accounting, mathematics, correspondence, negotiation, signing contracts & agreements, journalism, publication, books & book-shops, short journeys, communication & means there of, army, hills, hobbies, mental inclination and inclination to study, throat, collar bone, right shoulder, right arm, right ear, nervous system and thyroid gland. Mars is the general karaka of the house. However Saturn signifies miseries & longevity and Mercury neighbor, means of communications & accounting.

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