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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Tri-Pataki Chakra, Chapter VI, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Concept of Vedha

The word “Vedha” means to pierce. A particular planet is said to be in Vedha, if pierced by another planet. Vedha in Tajika Shastra is different from Parashari system. In arashari, when a planet transits a specific place from its lunar sign, the good effects of the transit may be nullified by the Vedha (piercing). This rule holds good in case of malefic planets as well. However, there is no Vedha in case of Sun & Saturn and Moon & Mercury being father & Son. Each place has a corresponding Vedha place. If the latter is occupied by another planet, the effect of transit good/ bad, will not take place.

In Tajika, Vedha is considered as Moons, Vedha with respect to other planets. On Tri-Pataki Chakra, it may be noted that on each of the 12 points, three lines converge. Thus the Vedha is caused by planets located at the other ends of the three lines converging at any one point. A planet is also under the influence/ Vedha of another planet located on the same point in the Tri-Pataki Chakra.

5. Interpreting the Tri-Pataki

In Tri-Pataki Chakra, generally, Vedha of Moon with respect to other planets is considered. The Vedha to lagna may also be suitably analyzed. When benefics cause Vedha to Moon, the results are auspicious and desirable. When Malefics do so, there are troubles and tensions during the year. If both benefics and malefic cause Vedha, it gives mixed results of good & bad during the year. The degree of beneficence/ maleficence increases Vedha of Moon with more benefic/ malefic planets. In horary astrology, results of the significator are judges with respect to Lagnesh and they are closely inter-dependent. Therefore in horary Vedha to Lagnesh and the significator is also considered before giving any prediction about the welfare or the query of a native.

The Tajika Treatises have given the following results of Moon’s Vedha with different planets:

1. By Sun: Lack of confidence, ill fame, false pride, defective eyes, troubles to father, mental tension, irritation, high fever, bilious ailments, and disappointments.

2. By Mars: Fear from enemies, weapons, blood disorders, accidents, pain & injury to the body, shortness of temper, quarrel, strife, violence, but also acquisition of knowledge and money.

3. By Mercury: Increase in knowledge & wisdom, Sharp intellect, Company of good people, and gain of wealth. But if afflicted, one becomes rash & petty minded, earns family displeasures, tensions & worries, and fear from enemies.

4. By Jupiter: Peace & happiness, association with noble people, pilgrimage, inclination for pious deeds, elevation in status, gain in wealth, success in ventures, child birth, and general prosperity.

5. By Venus: Fulfillment of desires, sensual pleasures, acquisition of wealth & education, dominance over enemies; but also mental agitation due to increased passion for sex, fear from water & windy complaints.

6. By Saturn: Association with mean & the low, selfish, tyrant, poverty, separation, sexual perversion, physical ailments, loss of stature, and windy complaints including cough & cold.

7. By Rahu: Severe illness/ phobias, loss of honour/ wealth, troubles from foreign sources, melancholy mood, fearless nature, and suffers from troubles of many sorts.

8. By Ketu: Ill health, poor digestion, instability, psychic & wandering nature, depression, worries and sorrows.

The results of the Vedha of the Moon (or lagna) as described above are very general in nature and must be applied with great care. They tend to occur during the dasha/ antar dasha of the planets causing Vedha. The benefic/ malefic nature of the planets an their lordship, strength and significations must also be kept in consideration.

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