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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Tri-Pataki Chakra, Chapter VI, Part - 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6. Illustrations:

1. Annual chart of J.L. Nehru for 58th year (1946-47)

The birth chart of J.L. Nehru is given below:

The sign rising during Varshpravesh in 58th year or the lagna of the annual chart of the 58th year is Aquarius. Hence the Tri-Pataki Chart for the year will be as under; (the location of all the planets have been calculated as given in Para 3 above; Mars, Rahu & Ketu moves four signs away from natal sign and rest of the planets to 2nd sign from natal position).

Analysis of the above Tri-Pataki

1. In Tri-Pataki Chakra, Moon is having Vedha from Saturn, Rahu & Ketu, while lagna is having Vedha from Mercury & Venus.

2. In annual horoscope, Saturn is Lagnesh and well placed in the 6th house of competition. It also indicates crushing of opposition, represented by the might of British Empire. The Saturn is strong in Panchvargiya Bala. Moon is also very well placed.

3. Moon also has Vedha of Rahu, who is exalted in annual chart and is in sign of Yogkaraka Venus placed in 4th house of masses and is aspecting 10th house. This native massive public popularity and mass appeal.

4. The lagna is having Vedha of two benefics Mercury & Venus. Venus is Yogkaraka in annual chart. This made him handsome and a great humanitarian.

2. Annual Chart of Rajiv Gandhi for 47th year (1990-91)

In Chapter on “Sahams”, Chart-11 shows the birth chart of the native, and chart 15 is his annual chart for 47th year (1990-91) with Gemini as lagna.

Location of planets in Tri-Pataki Chart:- The current year is 47th. For Moon, dividing 47 by 9, gives a remainder of 2. So Moon will be sign 2nd from its natal position. For Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn, dividing 47 by 4, gives a remainder of 3. So these five planets will be located in sign 3rd from natal sign respectively. For Mars, Rahu & Ketu, dividing 47 by 6, gives a remainder of 5. So these planets will be located in sign 5th from their natal position.

With the above inputs, the Tri-Pataki Chakra for 47th year will be:

In the above Chakra, Both Moon and Lagna are under Vedha caused by Rahu and Ketu, without any relief from any benefic. The native met a violent death during the year.

Note: It must always be noted that such an analysis must invariably be correlated with a proper analysis of birth & annual charts and the relevant dasha/ antar-dasha of the native.

7. Conclusion

Tri-Pataki Chakra is the only features of Tajika Shastra, which takes into account the role of Rahu and Ketu. However the results obtained from the Tri-Pataki are far from being consistent. A lot of research is still required to be done in this sphere to clear various grey areas. Shri Hardev Sharma Trivedi, the famous astrologer of North India, had suggested that in Tri-Pataki Chakra, all planets should be located on same sign as they fell on the annual chart. His famous predictions on mundane astrology have been based on annual horoscope of Indian Independence. He, however insisted that major predictions should not be based on the analysis of Tri-Pataki alone. This system, however, does not give satisfactory results in horary. Recently some astrological students under guidance of famous astrologer, Shri K. N. Rao, have suggested a little variation of Tri-Pataki Chakra to assess Balarista from the natal chart of infants.

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