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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Tajika Yogas, Chapter IV, Part - 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. General Principles of analysis of Prashna by Tajik Yogas

While discussing the “Prashna”, we have not incorporated the use of Tajika Yoga in analyzing a Prashna chart. Tajika yogasa give vital clues in solving the worries/ queries of a native. As a first step, in a Prashna hart, consider the planets which denote Lagnesh and Karyesh. Lagnesh is lord of lagna and Karyesh is significator lord or lord of the house in question. For example if query relates to marriage, 7th lord is Karyesh, if it relates to progeny, it will be 5th lord; and if it relates to profession/ business, it will be 10th lord. For success of a query, the Lagnesh and Karyesh must be associated with any of the following:

1.. Lagnesh in lagna and Karyesh in his own house.

2. Lagnesh in house of Karyesh and Karyesh in lagna.

3. Lagnesh & Karyesh posited together.

4. Lagnesh and Karyesh in mutual aspect.

5. Lagnesh & Karyesh in a favourable Ithasala or Kamboola yoga for fructification of the event.

6. The yogas between the two must be free from retrograde, combust, or debilitated planets or 6, 8, 12th house/ lords.

7. The yoga forming planets must be free from association of Rahu Ketu axis or closeness of degrees with Rahu/ Ketu.

8. Moon indicates mental inclination or a desire towards fulfillment of the query. A strong Moon should join a positive association with Lagnesh/ Karyesh or both by conjunction, aspect or Kamboola Yoga.

5. Time of Fructification of Yogas

The various yogas manifest themselves during dasha/ antar-dasha of planets participating in a yoga. The most illustrative dasha system is Mudda dasha. When the two planets are in Ithasala, the difference in longitudes between Lagnesh and Karyesh, if multiplied by 12, gives the number of days within which the event is likely to happen. Suppose Lagnesh is at 24-25’ and lord of 10th house (Karyesh) is at 21-45’ and the two are forming an Ithasala. The difference between the longitudes between Lagnesh and Karyesh is 2-30’ or 2.5 degrees. This when multiplied by 12 gives 30. It means that the event pertaining to 10th house is likely to materialize within 30 days. In general, a Poorna Ithasala gives result immediately or in early part of the year, while a Bhavishyat/ Rashyant Ithasala does so after some delay or in later part of the year.

6. Conclusion

The Tajika yogas as mentioned above represent a very important aspect of Horary & Annual Horoscopy. The presence or absence of the yogas is not the only point of significance. The strength of planets participating in a yoga and aspects (whether benefic or malefic) on them are equally important. A weak or afflicted planet is incapable of providing any fruitful use. If Lagnesh is weak, most of the yogas lose their potency.

The experience suggests that while analyzing these yogas Parashari principles should always  be simultaneously considered. For example Trika houses (6, 8 & 12th) or their lords when involved in these yogas render them crippled. Relation of 10th lord with 8th house/ lord afflicts profession. Involvement of 3rd or 6th lord increases struggles, Yogas involving 11th house/ lord give fruitful results, while those involving 12th house/ lord prove harmful or expensive.

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