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THOUGHT - READ THIS TILL THE END - There was a crocodile who was trapped in a NET & asked HELP from a boy passing by , promising he will not harm him - as soon as he cut the net the crocodile caught the boy in his mouth - the boy pleaded but the crocodile said that ' SUCH IS THE WAY'. A donkey passing also told the boy that, his masters used him and when old he has been dumped. A RABBIT passing by saw/heard the boy and talked with the crocodile saying that, he was not correct in his act & that he must have a conversation with him. The Rabbit also told the crocodile that if he leaves the boy to talk , he will will not run as HIS strong TAIL could smash him ( this boosted the crocodiles EGO ) and he left the boy for a conversation with the RABBIT .He forgot that his tail was still in the NET and as soon as he opened his mouth the BOY RAN WITH THE SIGNAL of the RABBIT. Rabbit told the crocodile, 'Such was the way of the world ' .The BOY went to the village and got the people who killed the CROCODILE - Such is the way of the world. He THEN suddenly saw his DOG chasing the RABBIT and before he could stop his HE saw his DOG POUNCING & KILLING THE RABBIT. THE BOY SAT & CONTEMPLATED - 'SUCH IS THE WAY OF THE WORLD'. This is how the world operates ------- !!!??? , warmly
WHAT THE STARS INDICATE IN GENERAL - THE PROPENSITY FOR THREE DAYS - 25th , Jan ,13 will see you sitting opposite with the person you love . It is is a time to talk and resolve issues. Also a good day for couples to talk. Avoid partnership decisions & financial issues that are critical in business today. A DAY TO BE SPEND WITH LOVED ONES & LEISURE --- . 26th and 27th will want you to focus on your house, be emotional , say 'that' sorry that you have been postponing , cuddle , be at home and deal with things sensitively .So go ahead with your feelings and deal with emotions. It will be good. Also visit/talk with your mothers if you can. You will also deal with family & finance issues in a firm and decisive way. These two days are good to take stock with challenges that you face with authority and other competitive issues which you have . Have a weekend where you laugh , dance and cry. This is what the star - consciousness indicates. Make use , affectionately,

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