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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: The Planetary Strengths/ Balas, Chapter III, Part - 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

iv) Retrogression: Although planets always move in direct motion, but since we observe all movements from earth, a planet at times appears to move in backward direction and is called retrograde. The Sun & Moon are never retrograde ad Rahu & Ketu are always retrograde. Other planets during their revolution around the Sun sometimes appear to be retrograde. A retrograde planet is considered weak and always indicates some obstacles/ impediments in events causing repetition, delay or even cancellation during the period of retrogression. Retrograde motion gives the planet Chesta Bala conferring good or evil according to its function. In Tajika system, a benefic retrograde planet indicates delay and the event will materialize, when retrograde planet becomes direct and passes beyond the point from where retrograde motion started. But if retrograde planet is a malefic, the result may be negative.

v) Detrimental Signs: A planet is considered strong when in its sign of exaltation/ Mooltrikone sign. However, it becomes weak when posited in the sign opposite (180 degree away) its Mooltrikone sign. Such a planet cannot deliver/ promote its positive results and causes sorrows/ miseries to the native. If it is associated with any other factor of weakness, could cause serious problem pertaining to its negative significations during its planetary period/ sub-period.

vi) Adverse Aspect/ Placing: A planet becomes weak when it is aspected by malefics. This problem gets further compounded if the planet does not get any benefic influence or is functionally malefic for a particular chart or is placed in a Trika (6, 8, or 12th) house from lagna or a combination of these factors. Such a planet depending on the degree of adverse influence, cause unpleasant event/ situations.

vii) Position of planet within a Brava: A planet becomes weaker as it is placed away from mid-cusp of a Bhava and is the weakest at the Brava-Sandhi i.e. at the beginning or the end of a bhava. The position becomes worse if it is posited as the sandhi of Brava and Nakshtra simultaneously i.e. in Gand-Mool Nakshatra.

viii) Due to Weak Depositor: A planet becomes weak if its depositor is weak due to any or combination of the factors mentioned above.

2. Weak Sun: During the periods of weak Sun, depending on the degree of its weakness, makes one egoist, fond of flattery/ false pride, being ignored by the society or some conflict springs up with government authorities, or there may be problems to or from father/ boss, or one has to put in lot of efforts to gain any success/ recognition. Weak Sun is particularly bad in houses 4, 5, 7, 8 & 12th houses. When a weak Sun is under affliction of Rahu/ Ketu, one suffers from loss of reputation, cardiac problems and chaos in life. If afflicted by Mars, Saturn or lord of 6th/ 8th house, one suffers from blood problems, indigestion, bone fractures, government action or death of relation signified by house ruled by Sun or prolonged medication due to some chronic ailment.

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