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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: The Planetary Strengths/ Balas, Chapter III, Part - 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Weak Moon: A weak Moon during its periods, makes one moody, without aim, wandering unstable & unreliable and lose mental peace. One may lose or suffer due to one’s mother or wife they may not enjoy good health. The property matters may get worsen. If the weak moon is severely afflicted, the native gets involved in vices and loses mental peace. One is vulnerable to epileptic fits. When such a Weak Moon is afflicted by Rahu/ Ketu, One’s mother suffers from many problems including health, property or even life, and one suffers from loss of mental peace, health & emotional disturbances. When such a Moon is afflicted by functional malefics, native suffers from depression, mental maladies, malfunctioning of lungs, drug addiction and prolonged chronic illness.

In the example annual chart, weak Moon posited in 7th house is afflicted by Rahu/ Ketu and by 6th lord Mars. This caused the death of the native’s mother during the year.

4. Weak Mars: A weak Mars during its periods, makes one angry, suffer from injuries/ accidents & loss of wealth due to rashness, change of residence and hypertension. It also causes mental anguish, fear from fire, weapon & thieves and spoils marriage. A weak Mars is particularly bad in houses 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 12th houses. When such a weak Mars is afflicted by Rahu/ Ketu, one becomes vulnerable to cancer, muscular ailments, accidental injuries, litigations, and losses in property matters. When such a Mars is afflicted by functional malefics, native suffers from ill health due to impurity of blood, malignant tumors, injuries due to fire, weapon etc, drug addiction and chronic diseases.

5. Weak Mercury: During its periods/ sub-periods, weak Mercury makes one confused, sensitive, slow in decision making, mentally disturbed, timid, meek, and one suffers from lack of/ over confidence, nervous pressures & loss in academic field. Being an eunuch planet, it is not good for marital happiness and progeny. If weak Mercury is afflicted by Rahu/ Ketu, native becomes vulnerable to convulsions, paralysis, skin diseases, and breathing problems. When such Mercury is afflicted by functional malefics, one may suffer from depression, nervous breakdown, loss of wealth, asthmatic ailments, or chronic ailments and may become a big cheat and liar.

6. Weak Jupiter: A weak Jupiter, during its periods/ sub-periods, may cause loss of wealth and/ or of progeny or husband, suffering due to problems of liver, jaundice, diabetes, ear or enlargement of any gland etc. One cannot concentrate on studies, becomes selfish, immoral & mean, and extra-vagant. It is particularly bad in Trika houses. When a Weak Jupiter is afflicted by Rahu/ Ketu, one suffers from loss of reputation & wealth, and of liver/ indigestive ailments. When afflicted by functional malefics, native suffers ill health due to high fever, typhoid, renal malfunctioning, diabetes & illicit or extra-marital relationships and death of relation signified by the houses ruled by Jupiter. Since it is the planet of expansion/ uncontrolled growth, it may cause cancer.

7. Weak Venus: A weak Venus, during its periods, cause loss of comforts/luxuries/ reputation, wealth, marital disharmony and delay in marriage. One’s wife may suffer ill-health or  he may suffer from skin or eye problems or social degradation. In case of females there could be problems of urinary infection or of generative organs. If afflicted by Rahu/ Ketu, one may suffer from renal ailments, drug addiction or sexual perversion. If afflicted by functional malefics, such a weak Venus causes urinary infection, renal/ ovarian ailments, deficiency in married life, impotency, or separation from or illness to spouse, sexually transmitted diseases, vehicular accidents and entanglement in dispute/ litigation.

8. Weak Saturn: A weak Saturn during its periods, causes one to struggle hard for success/ recognition, lose wealth and may suffer from melancholia, bone fractures, deformed limb, pain in legs or spinal problems. One may be poor, quarrelsome, not enjoy good social respect, delay in marriage, marital disharmony (being a separatist planet) and may get involve in leading low class people. When afflicted with Rahu/ Ketu, a  weak Saturn, causes native to suffer pain from joints/ spinal/ arthritis or drug addiction. If afflicted by functional malefics, it may cause ill-health/ unhappiness from children, acute body pains, involvements in disputes/ litigations, professional/ business problems, drug addiction, prolong medication due to some chronic ailment of chest, abdomen, muscles or eye. One may be surrounded by wicked friends/ women may give wealth through fraud/ dishonest means.

9. Rahu/ Ketu: During periods of a weak Rahu/ Ketu, the native is vulnerable to loss of reputation, vices, many unfavourable incidents/ failures and varied ailments, which are difficult to be diagnosed. When afflicted by functional malefic planets, weak Rahu/ Ketu makes native suffer from injuries, high fevers, circulatory problems, association with wicked people, acute depression (may even lead to suicide), loss through fire/ thieves, sudden calamity, drug addiction and fear of punitive action of state, and prolonged professional/ business obstructions.

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