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Tajik Shastra and Tajik Yogas in Annual Horoscopy

astrology GIFGairi-Kamboola Yoga: Ghar in Arabic means outsider. In this yoga, it means the achievement of objective through the intervention of a third party. It implies following conditions:

i) Lagnesh and Karyesh are in Ithasala.

ii) An unqualified Moon (neither exalted nor debilitated, nor aspected/associated, nor in its own Hudda, Drekkana/ Navamsha) is in the last degree of a sign.

iii) On entering the next sign, the Moon establishes Ithasala with Lagnesh/ Karyesh and some other powerful planet.
This yoga is similar to Bhavishyat Ithasala Yoga, but if unqualified Moon on entering next house, establishes Ithasala only with a weak planet, this yoga would be inauspicious.

In the above chart, Lagnesh Sun forms Ithasala with 4th lord Mars. Moon in last degree of Virgo is devoid of any good quality. The Moon is about to join Libra, where exalted Saturn is already posited. Moon also forms Ithasala with Lagnesh Sun, Karyesh Mars and Saturn. Thus Ghairi-Kamboola yoga formed here is auspicious because of Saturn.

Khallasar Yoga: This is negation of Kamboola Yoga. This arises when Lagnesh and Karyesh are in Ithasala, but Moon though unqualified does not aspect either Lagnesh/ Karyesh and is beyond the Deeptamsha range. There is no intermingling of rays/ orb, and Khallasar Yoga is formed. The result is disappointment and failure. In the above chart No. 12, if Moon had a degree of 20 and Saturn in Libra is not there. Then Khallasar Yoga would have been formed.

Rudda/ Radda Yoga: This yoga is negation or destruction of Ithasala yoga. In an Ithasala, if either of the planet is weak i.e. retrograde, combust, debilitated, or in a Trika (6, 8, or 12th) house or is in conjunction with or aspected by a malefic. A weak planet is functionally useless and is incapable of producing good results. The adverse effect is more likely to occur if the above qualifications are applicable to faster moving planet.

However there are two interesting prepositions. When the fast moving planet, placed in a Kendra, forms Ithasala with a slow moving planet in an Apoklim house, it gives good results in the beginning, which get spoilt later. But if a fast moving planet in an Apoklin house forms Ithasala with a slow moving planet in a Kendra, it causes eventual improvement of the situation which has been in bad shape earlier.

The main features of the above charts are;

1. Lagnesh Mercury & Karyesh Jupiter are in Ithasala.

2. The Karyesh AJupiter is retrograde and afflicted by close association of Rahu.

3. However, faster moving planet, Lagnesh Mercury is placed  unafflicted in a Trikone (5th house) from lagna and exchange house with its depositor Venus; hence there will be gains initially but there will be some troubles later on.

Dupali-kutha Yoga: This yoga is formed when a strong slow moving planet forms Ithasala with a weak faster moving planet. The determination of strength/ weakness of planets is done on the basis of Panchvargiya Bala. The result of this yoga is that fruition of objective will take place after certain amount of efforts. However the weakness of fast moving planet should not be due combustion, debilitation or by positioning in an inimical house; because then it would amount to Rudda yoga.

Dutthota-Davira Yoga: This yoga is formed when Lagnesh and Karyesh are weak and in mutual Tajika aspect, but may or may not be in Ithasala. One of them (Lagnesh/ Karyesh) is in Ithasala with another strong planet which is in its exaltation/ own sign. This yoga indicates realization of objective through the help of some one usually after some delay. Ithasala with a strong planet renders a weak Lagnesh/ Karyesh also strong. The Lagnesh & Karyesh may not be in Ithasala but must be in mutual aspect to derive benefit of the third strong planet.

Main Features are:
1. Lagesh Mars and Karyesh Sun are not in Ithasala.

2. Both Lagnesh & Karyesh are weak.

3. Lagnesh Mars is in Ithasala with Venus who is posited in her Mooltrikone sign, Libra

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