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Sun in Taurus Zodiac!

sun GIFTaurus is the second sign in the Zodiac. It is ruled by planet Venus. Taurus consist of three Nakshtra indicated below:

03.40 to 10.00 degree- Kritika- told by the Sun.
00.00 to 13.20 degrees – Rohini- ruled by the Moon.
10.00 to 23.20 degree of Taurus.
00.00 to 06.40 degrees- Mrigsara- ruled Mars.
23.20 to 30.00 degrees of Taurus.

The Sun in Taurus will constitute the Surya Lagan and apart from reading the birth chart from janama Lagan and Chandra Lagan, the Surya Lagan and Chandra Lagan, the Surya Lagan will also be considered. Here the important versions given by the Sun in Taurus shall be noted.

Taurus is earthy sign- all matters connected with earth would be seen from this sign including agricultural pursuits and corn dealers. Since in the Zodiac, it is 2nd sing (house), the financial matters including of treasure shall be seen from this sign. It may not be possible to cover various facets of Taurus but is would suffice to say that while driving results from the Sun in Taurus, all factors i.e. involvement of the Sun, the Moon and Mars must been kept in mind.

Taurus is basically an agricultural sign and the growth of all agricultural is dependent on Sun-sign. The Sun, himself is representative of jungles, forest and mountains and when the Sun is in Taurus, the effect of these significations will come to be felt. In brief, Taurus is for agricultural and rural regions, mountains and jungles, wild regions, habitats for agriculturists and their cattle land comes under the away of Taurus. The native with Sun in Taurus is likely to show interest in these matters. So far the native is concerned, the Sun in Taurus would speak of inheritance, gain by one's own industry or though government including holding of high position. The native would be social and coupled with land, the native also becomes fond of sports, pleasures and outdoor activities. But the afflicted Sun is capable of giving immoral life, indulgence in hasty talk, extravagant and the native may also lose money.

In Chamatkari Chintamani, different affects have been given for the Sun in Taurus or Libra and they are as under with reference to the aspect on the Sun:

Sun in Taurus Moon
Prostitute, subfreezing from venereal diseases but gains from shipping fishery or such other trade.

Sun in Taurus Mars
Hasty, has capacity fro games and sports, marital spirit and courage.

Sun in Taurus Mercury 
Fond of music painting, writing, poetry and composing poems and other literary works.

Sun in Taurus Jupiter 
Governor, charming personality, hold high, advisory position-alike for friends and foes.

Sun in Taurus Venus
Wise but timid, affluent with women and pleasure, gain through refinement and sophisticated goods.

Sun in Taurus Saturn
Not a good position for the Sun-sick, feeble, poor, cruel, mean-loss in business

Evil effect of the Sun in Taurus (for Aries Lagan people) can be mitigated by donation of oil, almond, coconut etc.

According to Phapadeepka, the Sun is signification of father if the birth is during the day time and uncle if the birth is during the night time. The Sun has special influence on the right eye. The Sun represents the soul. Rahu, Ketu and Gulik are enemies of the Sun and will cause distress to the body and the soul.

For wearing metal, the Sun represents copper, for clothes it becomes representative of saffron color and for eating the taste is that of pungent. Depending on the house, the interpretation of the Sun in Taurus may be made accordingly.

The Sun in the 2nd house (for Aries Lagan) makes the native without any learning, shameless and stammering (Phaladeepka).

The Sun and Saturn are benefices for Taurus. The Sun though malefic but by virtue of owning an angel proves auspicious.

The Sun in Taurus (sign of solidity) makes the native solid, practical and substantial. So Taurueans can be ranked, depending on the personal horoscope, slow, plodding, patient, enduring, persistent, executive, and matter-of fact persons. Determined, persistent but at times obstinate, such persons are stated to have great amount of energy and are capable of carrying on all the plans entrusted to them. Secretive, reserved but make faithful friends. Possess great amount of energy holding on till something comes to liberate their stored-up energy. With mental and physical vitality, they possess normally a splendid physique. They acquire immense power on concentration of thoughts. Being trust-worthy, they make excellent public servants.

Taurus governs throat and being sensitive part should be taken care of Taurus is also governor of finance and is the best for handling of money. Therefore, good bakers, stockbrokers, treasuries, cashiers and speculators come under this sign. Others are best for labor and mechanical pursuits.

Taureans possess more vitality then any others sign. Some of them succeed as magnetic healers, doctors, nurses, bill discounters, financial agents, chemita, and book binders.

Briefly, depending on the house, the Sun in Taurus makes the natives faithful, warmhearted, patient and self-controlled but in certain circumstances, he is likely to be violent and when the things go beyond control and when the content of malefic is more including that of Mars. In childhood, these natives need more love and affection so that they do not inferiority complex.

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