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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Tajik Shastra and Annual Horoscopy: Tajika Dashas, Chapter VII, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

5. Dasha Results

1. General: Before going deep into the results, following factors be born in mind:

i) Study and analyze the planetary configuration in birth chart as well as in annual / Prashna chart.

ii) Analyze the position of dasha/ Antar-dasha lords in both the charts with respect to their position and influence on them.

iii) The disposition of dasha lord should be studied in respect of its strength as per Panchvargiya Bala, the sign & house where it is posited and the association & aspect on it. A lord of a 20 point scale, with Panch- Vargiya Bala of 15 or above is considered strong: with a Bala between 10 to 15 as medium: between 5 to 10 weak; and below 5 as Nirbala.

2. Lagna: A strong lagna indicates a positive year or fulfillment of desires. It endows the native with all favours, honours, wealth, and rise in life & profession. A lagna with medium strength, bestows native what his deserves according to his position & stature, and service under persons of undesirable nature. A weak lagna disturbs the native from home, causes mental agony, loss of wealth & intelligence, physical ailments, quarrels, and failure of desires/ Prashna.

3. Sun: With strength brings name, fame, honour, religious fervor and respect all around. If the medium strength reduces the impact of Sun to a certain extent depending on status and conditions in life. Native at best may be honoured at a local level. A weak Sun, during his dasha, causes injuries, diseases, fear from enemies and government, unhappiness & tension, and controversies & misunderstanding with family members etc. The Sun gives good results when placed in 3, 6, 10 & 11th houses even if not so strong.

4. Moon: A strong Moon in its dasha, brings all kinds of prosperity, name, fame, popularity, domestic happiness, acquisition of property, clothes & pearls and fulfillment of desires. Moon of medium strength provides reduced prosperity, comforts & gains from business & friends, birth of a female child, and increase in religious activities. A weak Moon makes one suffer phlegmatic / water-borne diseases, depression, enmity with friends and loss of wealth. The Moon gives good results in all houses except in houses 6, 8 & 12. A full Moon or the Moon in 4th house gives auspicious results.

5. Mars: A strong Mars gives new appointments, leadership, victory over enemies, conflicts & in competitions, various types of gains and increase in siblings. Mars with medium strength provides wealth deserving to his status & efforts/ energy put in, but may suffer from bilious diseases. A weak Mars causes troubles from enemies, accidents, surgical operations, and other evils. Mars in own/ exaltation sign brings prosperity, good health and wealth. It gives good results in houses 3, 6 & 11.

6. Mercury: A strong Mercury, during its dasha, creates improvement in intellectual & recreational activities, company good & noble friends, and additional knowledge/ talents in arts, science, mathematics & religious matters. With a medium strength, it gives wealth & name through good friends and literary activities. A dasha of weak Mercury, gives loss of name & fame, quarrels with relatives & friends, depression & fear complex, wandering nature and wind & Phlegm ailments. Mercury with even a moderate strength gives good results. Even in houses 6, 8 or 12, it is not to afraid of if not further afflicted.

7. Jupiter: A strong Jupiter dasha destroys the enemies, brings respect & recognition from intelligentsia & state, gain of health, wealth, happiness, birth of a child, and freedom from diseases & problems. If of medium strength, it would give friendship with higher ups, name, fame wealth and desired objective without much strain. A weak Jupiter causes problems of ear, tumour, diabetics, cancer, and penury, detachment from worldly affairs etc.

8. Venus: While with strength, it brings happiness, prosperity, comforts & satisfaction of all types, marriage, birth of a child etc; Venus of medium strength, provide earning from trade & agriculture, and other worldly pleasures. A weak Venus would make the native indulge in adultery, quarrel with wife & family members, mentally disturbed acts, bringing all sorts of difficulties in life & with spouse, and reside in distant land.

9. Saturn: A strong Saturn, in its dasha, brings happiness, earning & wealth through hard work & through outsiders, agricultural land, factories, and acquaintances with people of other communities. Saturn with medium strength gives wealth through insignificant undertakings, leadership among low people, financial problems and windy troubles. A weak Saturn gives great sufferings, penury, mental unrest, disappointments and weak health.

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