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The stars for the next three days 11/12- to 13/12 indicates - In the next three days if you have not been able to get the balance in love, job and gains you will tend to enter into secretive activities and acts. People may try to back stab and need to be careful of your actions is weak moments. Please take care of deception - be aware. Also those having issues on love may find going tough - the loved ones may try to move away. Indulge in spirituality and occult but not as an escapist. With authority be careful - understand the hidden thoughts. Do not get carried away with BIG PLANS & IDEAS while dealing with job, finance, love and for other aspirations . Do not let future rule your present. Feel that for 12th and 13th you need to be careful with actions and reactions. Take care

THOUGHT FOR TODAY - A man - woman relationship starts with lust but should by your intellect make it graduate to CARE - NON DOMINATION - UNDERSTANDING - LOVE and finally FRIENDSHIP which is the Highest-wave in a relationship . Follow rules in a marriage but live life with LOVE. Giver of love / happiness should be your MOTTO. Two beggars can never be happy. Giving is NOT LOOSING.Today a smile is also UTILITARIAN. add - comment please .

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