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A Guide to Palmistry: The Hands, Chapter II, Part – 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Touch of the Palm

The touch of the palm may be soft, hard, smooth or harsh. Softness indicates changeability, versatility, and intelligence. A person with a soft palm, however, lacks the power of undertaking sustained efforts to achieve a goal and likes those activities as do not involve much physical labour and which yield quick results. He is afraid of  heavy work. He does things on the spur of the moment and is usually not a very hard bar gainer. He may be generous and rather slack in money matters. He possesses imaginative power and as such may give new ideas in business undertakings. But he requires the help of friends with more of persistence and goes in character to achieve any great success in life. When the thumb is non-flexible, he may be very active and somewhat more economical and is sure to make great headway in public life. He may be a disloyal husband and may take to drink but he will know how to satisfy many persons with conflicting claims upon his attention and is likely to maintain his reputation by being clever even in matters of the heart. If the thumb is too much flexible, we may expect a prodigal surrounded by flatterers and hangers on. If the other signs of the palm are favorable he may make big donations to public institutions.

Hardness denotes the opposite virtues and deficiencies. There is usually a narrowing of the general outlook on life and desire for power and authority. Ideas are firmest and notions may be mere prejudices. There is probability of cruelty and heartlessness. A person with a hard palm is a hard taskmaster. He does not spare himself. Neither is he prepared to spare others. He usually practical and materialistic and does not care much for theory, logic and argument. If he likes anybody, he sticks to him. If he does not, he finds fault even when there is no fault. Amongst good qualities may be mentioned devotion to a cause, patience, industry, self-confidence and capacity to bear heavy physical and mental strain.

Smoothness indicates sympathy and receptivity. Harshness denotes comparative absence of these qualities. In the case of feeling and squat late variations of the willing type palm harshness of touch is a good sign since it acts as a brake upon an excess of emotionalism or adventurousness. In the case of square or realistic type of palm, smoothness comes as a balancing force.

Excessive smoothness or slippery nature of the touch denotes a person who forgets his promises; because he is always thinking of his own self. Naturally such a person is not truthful and straight-forward and lacks the quality of simplicity.

When he touch is hard and harsh at the same time, great cruelty may be inferred. Similarly if softness is combined with excessive smoothness, a palm will indicate a man who is thoroughly unreliable because of lack of any principles in life.

Medium soft and smooth touch is the best sign denoting the presence of the noble traits of human character.

The Density or Compactness of the Palm

The palm may be compact and there may be little of space as between different fingers when collected together and pressed. It may be also roomy when there will be sufficient space between different bones supporting the fingers. In the case of the former, a person may be charitable but liable to be cheated by others because of a certain degree of indolence to attend to details of work or business. In the case of the latter, there is the attitude to enquire into the minutes of details on the positive side and a temperament to fret and fume on trivial issues on the negative side.

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