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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Miscellaneous Yoga, Chapter XVI, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Guru-Mangal Yoga

This yoga has been discussed in brief in chapter-3, under two planets conjunction of Mars-Jupiter. However the yoga is much more complex in nature. The two planets are male, natural friends, fiery in nature and the their Mooltrikone signs (Aries & Sagittarius) and the negative signs (Scorpio & Pisces) are in 5-9 axis to each other. But Mars is strong malefic, tamsik, Kshatriya, rash, violent, martial, barren & quadruped by nature, while Jupiter is the best benefic, Satwik, Brahmin, spiritual, idealist, mature, wise, biped by nature and represents hope, & happiness. The Mars in the Nakshtra of Jupiter gives robust health, but Jupiter in the Nakshtra of Mars may give colicky pain or gall stone. The two planets may be related in the following manner and their results may then reflect as under:

i) If they are conjunct: It makes one ambitious and greedy. The native attains high distinguished status through his personal efforts, but financial activities are full of ups & down depending on the association of other planets/ lords. Association of Moon/ Sun, makes one wealthy/ famous. Conjunction of these planets in lagna may cause accident & fractures. However, as per Jaatak-Tatwam, Conjunction of Mars & Jupiter makes a native lord of his locality, Kinglike, learned, virtuous, and a good Brahmin/ Kshatriya.

ii) If they are mutually aspecting: If they are 180 degree apart, the children of the native may not act as he wants them to do. They may develop hidden or open hostility. There could be losses due to separation or dealings with partner/ opponents or loss by robbery/ theft.

iii) If Mars aspect Jupiter without Jupiter reciprocating: It is an evil yoga and makes the native aggressive, but non-progressive. The could result in heavy financial losses or extravagant expenditure. The native may suffer from kidney stones, anaemia or low blood pressure.

The native is a rich businessman. He has 4th lord Mars (Debilitation doubly cancelled by Moon & by Saturn) associated with Rahu in 7th house in mutual aspect with Saturn. This Mars aspect 3-12th lord Jupiter in 2nd house, without Jupiter reciprocating the same. The 7th lord Moon in Libra is afflicted by Saturn, Jupiter & Mars. With both Karaka of blood (Moon & Mars) afflicted, native is anaemic. Saturn the Karaka of stones aspect 7th house, 7th lord & sign Libra. The karaka of Kidney are Jupiter & Venus (depositor Jupiter). Hence he was operated for removal of Kiney stones twice during dasha of Jupiter-Moon.

iv) If Jupiter aspects Mars without Mars reciprocating: It is conducive to financial stability. Jupiter is able to control the rash/ violent behavior of the native, and makes him wise, wealthy and with a large family.

4. Kaal Sarpa Yoga

This yoga is said to be formed if all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. It is said to result in destruction of rulers and the native suffers in general scheme of life. Strictly speaking, this yoga does not find a mention in classic astrological literature. How this yoga gained currency and gathered such a sinister meaning is not known. According to a large section of astrologers, this yoga is operative only when all the planets are hemmed between Rahu & Ketu in their retrograde motion and does not hold good if the planets are between Ketu and Rahu.

The above definition by and large holds good. The general belief is that this is an evil yoga restraining all the other good Yogas present in the horoscope and will bring setbacks in life. If any of the planet is outside this axis or even if any planet, though posited in the same house as the node, is outside the axis longitudinally, this yoga is not operative.

However, experience suggests that though such natives do suffer in only some specific sphere of life, they excel in other fields. While interpreting Kaal Sarpa Yoga, we should consider which houses are occupied by Rahu & Ketu. In each case the results are likely to be different. Generally it is seen that if the axis involves 1st & 7th houses, it is not good for marital happiness. The marital life may become oppressive and marred by frequent clashes and want of understanding. But if 7th lord & Venus are well-placed, then evil results should not be predicted. If the houses involved are 4th & 10th houses, it may cause set-backs in one’s career & domestic happiness, unless 10th/ 4th house and its lord & karaka are well placed. Similarly if this yoga is in 6th & 12th axis, it could indicate incarceration or spiritual elevation, depending upon the presence/ absence of powerful Bandhan yoga.

This yoga has its brighter shades as well. It makes the native industrious, hard-working, and aware of his ability despite mental restlessness. (Please refer chart no. 87 of Nelson Mandela) The natives under this yoga may get betrayed by trusted friends and relations. This knowledge & experience make his mind strong and mellows his outlook. This yoga may raise the native to the top position in their specific field of choosing, provided good Rajyogas are present. It is also by and large agreed that if lagna, Moon, 9th & 10th lords are strong, the evil effects of this yoga are mitigated to a large extent.

The native was ill-famous dictator of Italy during World War II. He had Rahu-Ketu axis in 12th & 6th houses and all the remaining seven planets are hemmed between Rahu & Ketu in their retrograde motion. Thus kaal Sarpa Yoga was fully operative. He had 9th lord Moon exalted and conjunct with lagna lord Mars in 7th house. Association of Mars & Saturn with Moon in 7th house of War, made him aggressive partner of the Axis forces. He became head of state of Italy in 1926 during the dasha of Jupiter-Mars and ruled Italy for almost 20 years till end of World War II and fall of Axis powers. He was shot dead on 28 Apr 1945.

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