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Thought - Relationships in there sum total quantify the kind of life you are living. I have observed that in all relationships there have to be problems and arguments. We tend to argue / give logic or try to support our stand with logic - the sway is between these two things. We must go out of this pendulum swing and try to RESOLVE BY A BREAKTHROUGH. In marriage TWO people begging for happiness - we have to get out of the trip of happiness from others - you create it in your heart by operating from love. Learn to take the BLAME and resolve it within yourself by acceptance. Understand the VALUE of the other person and ADD VALUE to it ----- - you will watch the difference. The merging of two people is the desire to MERGE and it is our inert spiritual desire - this then goes into the world of thoughts and we make an equation - this leads to loss. Operate from your HEART and enjoy the moment when with your loved one. YOU ARE BLISSFUL.

The stars for the next two days 02/12- & 03/12 indicates - The emotional and sensitive nature will dominate. In relationships you mat want reassurance and love. Sensitive people will want positive love strokes. You will have a tendency to ask your answer with the person you are in a relationship. Also you will like to balance issues with respect to your finances. Communications you must try to close if pending. Good for those in service if you are embarking upon a new project. Also the two days are to enjoy with your loves ones - it could be very satisfying. Live Mindfully.

Shanker Adawal
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