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A Guide to Palmistry: Palmistry An Introduction, Chapter I, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The hand: Its conditions

In hand reading, it must be remembered that the left is the hand we are born with, the right is the hand we make. In the left hand the tendency is shown, and in the right the course as we ourselves have shaped it. Thus, if the left hand is soft and the right firmer, it would indicate that we are, by nature, lazy and indolent, but that, owing to our will or to circumstances, we have become more energetic. If the flexibility is greater in the right than the left, it shows that our adaptability of mind or character has increased. In the same manner must the thumb, fingers, colour of hand, should be judged. With left-handed people it is advised that the two hands be studied equally. We will now consider one or two conditions of the hand and their meaning, it being remembered that only by combining all the characteristics shown can we accurately read the hand.

The Three Worlds

The three worlds, the Mental, the Practical, and the Baser, are indicated by: the fingers for the Mental world, the mounts under the fingers and palm to a line from Mars (first) to Mars on the Percussion for the Practical world, and the palm beneath this line for the Baser world (Fig. 2). These three divisions should be evenly balanced.

If the fingers are long and out of proportion, then the mind rules. If the mounts in the second division are all well developed and that part of the hand large, then the subject is practical and business-like. If the lower part predominates with either or both of the Mounts of Venus and Moon well developed, then the material or baser qualities rule.

Consistency of the Hand

A hand may be soft and yet have a hard skin.

A hard hand indicates energy, activity, and perseverance, and is a good sign to possess on any hand. With a very hard and idealistic hand, there will be much energy and activity, but less intelligence and adaptability.

The elastic consistency shows intelligent energy and activity; these hands are often found with successful business men.

A soft hand betrays a love of ease and comfort, making the possessor indolent and fond of luxury. If the palm is thick, coarse, and very soft, the subject will be coarse and sensual.

The Flexibility of the Hand

Flexible hands are those with supple joints, or double-joined fingers which will bend back without effort. In a stiff hand the fingers cannot be bent back. Care must be taken in noticing the difference between slightly flexible hands, flexible  hands, and very flexible hands, each showing a varying degree of character.

A flexible hand indicates a flexible mind and a pliant disposition. People with these hands are very versatile and adaptable, quick in grasping facts and people; they are generous, and often extravagant: they are open and candid rather than silent and secretive. The possessors of very flexible hands are more versatile; they shine in society, are chatty, and make good conversationalists.

People with flexible hands are easier to get on with than people with stiff hands: the latter show a nature that does not adapt itself easily to people and surroundings, is reserved, conservative, and slow in grasping people and facts. The flexible and shows a flexible mind and the stiff hand a stiff mind.

Colour of the Hand

The hand gets its colour from the blood; if, therefore, the circulation is good and the blood  healthy, the better will be the colour shown in it. The palm of the hand shows the colour more clearly and it is this part which should be examined. The normal colour is pink, and hands should be judged with reference to this colour.

The pink colour shows a warm, sympathetic disposition: the possessor will be sanguine, hopeful, and cheerful.

Hands which are white under all conditions indicate a lack of blood supply, and make the possessor cold, distant, and selfish.

Hands which are red in colour show an unusual supply of blood-pure and rich.

These people are very ardent and passionate: in their affections they are very intense, frequently very jealous, and with other signs they will be sensual.

Yellow colour in the hands is due to the presence of bile and impurities in the blood. These people are melancholy, reticent, morose, and fond of solitude.

Dark hands show a nature proud, cold, and reserved.

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