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A Guide to Palmistry: Palmistry An Introduction, Chapter I, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Texture of the Skin

The texture of the skin on the back of the hand is either coarse or fine, the former showing one who is coarse and able to get on in rough surroundings.

Fine-textured skin gives a love of refined surroundings, fondness for ease and luxury, delicacy and taste. People with very fine textured skin dislike anything or anybody coarse, rude, and unrefined.

Hair on the Hands

Hair on the hands is dark, light, auburn, or red in colour, and owes this coloration to matter known as iron pigment. Its presence on the hand increases one’s natural vitality and strength.

Dark hair gives much vitality and nervous force.

Light hair shows vitality, but in a lesser degree.

People with red or auburn hair are excitable, hasty and quick-tempered, impulsive and frequently pass-sionate.

Hair will be either coarse or fine, the former showing a person by nature coarse, whilst the fine hair indicate a more refined nature.

Hair on the back of the fingers indicates one who is irritable and quick-tempered, increased if the hair is very dark and there is much of it.

It is advised to the beginner to carefully notice the hair on the hands, for it will be of great help to him in accurately estimating his subject. More especially is it useful in gauging a subject’s temper, and in this respect is very helpful when reading the thumb.

Consistency and Flexibility

In all examinations, it is necessary to note both hands, otherwise there will be failure, due to the fact that mean change as they grow older, and such changes will be marked in the right hand, unless the person under examination is left-handed, when the change will be marked in the left or operative hand. It is a matter of general experience that the left hand describes the natural man, while the right hand records the changes, in a right-handed subject. This one item alone suffices to indicate whether the course of the life has been stationary, progressive, or retrograde.

In this examination the first point to be noted is the texture of the skin; this will be best ascertained by feeling the back of the hand, and noting its softness or otherwise. Texture will give knowledge of your client’s refinement. If it is fine, soft and delicate, it will tell of a refined, sensitive  nature which will mark everything he does-the coarse and common will repel. The coarser the skin the coarser the nature and qualities; this shows a lack of refinement or sensibility, and often adds a tyranny-cal disposition. A medium development-neither fine nor coarse-is often met and constitutes a balance between the two extremes.

The next point to be noted is the consistency of the hands, i.e., their softness or hardness under pressure. This will tell the amount of energy possessed, the thing to ascertain is the hardness, softness, flabbiness or resilience of the hand. This consistency comes under one of four heads: there is the hard hand, which belongs to the lesser intelligence, and with these the texture will usually be coarse. This hand does not yield to pressure, has no elasticity or spring-the subject will be active, work is no burden to him-the brain will be dense and the subject will be non-progressive.

There is the hand which, as you press it, feels as though it were made of rubber-it is essentially the active hand and is possessed by those who do not merely talk but who act. It indicates one who has life, energy, push and vigour, and it is marked by intelligence.

The hand which, when grasped, feels as though it would squeeze through your fingers, is the flabby hand; this tells of a deficiency in physical energy-a dreamer, idle, luxurious, lazy.

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