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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(E) Mars and Other Mounts

(i) Good Mars and Good Moon:

The good Martian Moon is always proud of his big heart and soul which never confess defeat or yield to hardship. The powerful determination of Mars overcomes the weak willpower of the Moon, the good Moon’s integrity conquers the good Mars’s sexuality; and together they harmoniously mix and act for the welfare and good of the individual governed by them.

This type is highly qualified and often seeks for new ideas and theories caring naught for what others say or do. He is a patient student and a restless traveler. He is very fond of exploration and discovery. Sea captains and mariners who really love the sea whether calm or turbulent are governed by this type.

He has a very good appetite and on ostrich like digestion. He loves good food and, likes to help in its cooking. He is also a connoisseur of good old liquors of which he consumes large draughts without any apparent fatigue. He is sincere and faithful to both relatives and friends, and likes to take his wife and children wherever he may go abroad.

Ladies influenced by this type are usually of heavy structure and small sharp features. They assume supreme control over their husbands and children and are very zealous about their families’ happiness and interests. They are always seen doing something to please those around them.

This type is destined to marry more than once; one marriage at least, takes place in a foreign land or with a foreigner.

(ii) Good Mars and Bad Moon:

This type enjoys rotundity and grossness of body; his face and head are round and his hands and feet are big and large. He is extremely selfish and niggardly preferring cheap living whether in food or clothing to a costly one. His meanness is born in his blood, because although he has sufficient money to live decently, he lives poorly, and seems very happy if invited for dinner or supper.

He is afraid of marriage lest it should cost him some money. If need arises, he insists that the wife should be wealthy. He ascribes all the world’s sufferings and misery to women and he has innate hatred for them.

Once he gets married he begins fleecing his wife out of her money and property adding her riches to his; then he begins torturing and insulting her until she prays for divorce.

His wrath and anger could be easily aroused by discussing financial affairs in his presence. He is a gold worshipper and anything that touches his financial affairs causes him serious danger. He soon falls in coma or swoon and if not saved at once, causes heart failure and death.

(iii) Bad Mars and Bad Moon:

The vile Martian Moon has a natural instinct for adopting and choosing evil. He meets a good word with a bad one and a good turn by an evil act.

This type cares nothing sanitation and is morally and bodily filthy. He knows that he is doomed for an unpleasant career and consequently tries to sink his feelings by giving himself to liquors and drugs. He is the worst impudent stickler; once he asks for something he must have it or a kick instead, the latter is often delivered to his full satisfaction. He yields to have treatment and a good hiding always succeeds where a good word fails women governed by this type find great satisfaction in being beaten and humiliated. It is very amazing to note the ecstasy these women enjoy by hard and harsh treatment. They look restless and in lack of something harmful. Their twisted instinct impels them to vex their husbands or mates and to excite their anger until their rage is aroused and are attacked by blows and kicks; then these women get happy and pleased. Women of the type often marry men of the same type and category. In spite of insult, beating, and domestic sufferings, both partners seem to be very happy.

 (iv) Good Mars and Good Venus:

This type is the most peaceful species of mankind; he sacrifices his wealth and health for the happiness and peace of others. His innocent and pure heart makes him popular wherever he goes. He innocently interferes in others’ affairs with the good intention of bringing peace and happiness to them. His interference is sometimes misinterpreted and thus causes him much pain.

His integrity is beyond doubt as he strictly adherers to all codes and laws of propriety and honour. Also through good intentions of reform, this type falls an easy victim to swindlers and money grabbers: He is very soft and forgiving. He believes that there is nothing in the world which cannot be attained by kindness and gentleness instead of force.

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