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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 14

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(viii) Good Mercury and Bad Venus:

This type pretends propriety under which he hides his real intentions. It is very interesting to watch the life of this type. Although he is short lived, he usually leads two different lives; one during the day and the other at night. During daytime he attends to his work with vigilance and keenness trying all the time to accumulate the largest sum of money or profit; and during night he squanders his gains on every kind of vice. He cares naught for either physical or mental fatigue, and never has sufficient time for sleep or rest. This indulgence inflicts him with serious nervous disturbances which he does not head until he is quite broken down.

There is something mysterious about this type and his destiny. He gains a lot of money while yet young, and the more he spends and squanders the more he gains. Through perpetual vicious indulgence his vitality grows weaker and weaker until he is perished at an early age. He rarely lives to the age of 40.

(ix) Bad Mercury and Bad Venus:

The outlook of this type is often misleading. Great caution should be taken against his soft words and nice smiles. His nice looks from his narrow sharp eyes get through one’s heart and leaves something malicious there.

He is a born slanderer and scandalmonger and earns his bread as such. He  has a persisting inquisitive nature which lets him interfere in others’ personal affairs, seeking their defects and weak sides from which attacks them relentlessly until they pay.

He is a dissembler and has curious ways in instigating the members of one family against each other. He does not care for parental love or respect any family honors or traditions. He is very efficient in spreading immorality, and encourages any man or woman who is prepared to go wrong.

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