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A Guide to Palmistry: Fingers and Finger Tips, Chapter III, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Short Fingers

There are the reverse of long fingers; they think and act in a hurry. Every motion in their lives in displayed in haste, hence their repeated faults; they are impulsive and hate to go into details or small jobs. Their quick turn of thought helps them to detect their faults committed in a hurry and soon amended.

Short fingers are usually seen in square broad hands. Unlike long fingers, they detest show and hardly pay attention to their dress. They are sociable, courageous, full of fun and witticism which they often mix with their writings or sayings.

Short fingers are considered to be source of danger if they are found in a stiff hand; they will be foolish and reckless. Irretrievable mistakes, which they repent all their lives, are often committed in haste. Short fine fingers strengthen the creative powers and see what others miss or ignore. They are fond of variety and changed hard short fingers are sign of over self-confidence and excessive obstinacy.

On examining short fingers, considerable attention should be paid to the Thumb, because the defects of short fingers are strengthened and will be very difficult to be conquered if the will power phalange of the thumb is weak.

After studying the fingers as regards their general length, the student proceeds to examine every finger separately in order to determine the longest finger of all, together with the longest phalanges as well. These two items help the student to calculate the marked talents and character of any individual.

The Finger of Jupiter

(Fig. 2): If found longer than that of Sun it means pride, morality, love of beauty and power. It will shoulder any responsibility and always look happy and cheerful. It is also important to note the longest phalange of this finger because every phalange of every finger has its own characteristics and traits; for instance, the first phalange of Jupiter controls religion, morality, ideality and authority; the second phalange controls courage, dignity, honour, responsibility, etc.

On the other hand, when the finger of Jupiter is markedly short, the bad qualities of that finger will have the upper hand as could be detected from the individuals character and behaviour. He will be lazy, vicious and foolish.

The Finger of Saturn
(Fig. 2)- By the virtue of its site it is the longest finger. Sometimes it is found excessively long which betrays melancholy, sadness and selfishness. In case where the long finger of Saturn is found of a good quality it reveals sobriety, wisdom, resolution, economy, patience and perseverance.

If the long finger of Saturn is found in a stiff hand, it is a sure sign of mutinous nature which harbours hatred to human beings.

A bad dominating finger of Saturn is very dangerous in case its length is due to its first phalange being the tallest one. An individual possessing such a bad finger of Saturn will sooner or later get worried of his life. He will go temporarily insane and commit suicide. More signs could be detected on both Lines of Fate and Mentality.

In order to determine the length of the Jupiter finger, it should at least reach the middle of the first phalange of the second finger or finger of Saturn; and in all cases it must be longer than the finger of Sun.

A detailed list showing the good and bad qualities of every phalange is found at the end of the chapter.

The Finger of Sun

A long finger of Sun should be in all cases longer than the finger of Jupiter. It is the sign of brilliance, kindness, skill and good taste. It also denotes a persisting desire for wealth and fame; that is why the majority of human beings have a longer finger of Sun that that of Jupiter.

In certain cases the finger of Sun is found to be very long, nearly as long as the finger of Saturn. This reveals a reckless nature, fond of gambling and speculation. It is fond of running surprise risks and cares nothing for consequences.

A short finger of Sun denotes vulgarity, impudence and infamy; this is very true when the finger looks twisted or crooked.

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