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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Parivartan (Exchange) Yogas, Chapter XI, Part – 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

2.6 Exchange of 5th lord with other Benefic house lords
i) With 7th Lord: This exchange causes many ups & downs in life and is inimical to married life. Bad significations of 7th house (Nos of spouse & death) gets increased (going to 11th house) and benefic lord of 5th gets set in 3rd from it (7th house). The two houses are Upchaya to each other. It may give a love marriage, but if the either lord is afflicted, one may not marry at all. One is constantly troubled by enemies or by business partners and may be involved in litigation relating to married life. But if the lords are benefic, one will be very affectionate, able administrator and is caring for others.

For illustration, please refer chart No. 68 of Anil Ambani.

ii) With 9th Lord: Both the houses are pure pure Trikones and Sookshma Sthan of each other. Thus this is a very auspicious exchange, indicating connection between past, present and future life of a native. The native may be a devoted, religious person and this may be his last life ending cycle of births. The native will be lucky par excellence. Depending on the planets involved and past Karmas, native will enjoy more materialistic pleasures or be more inclined towards spiritual pursuits. The combination denotes great Dhanyoga and spiritual yoga. The native may be a great scholar, author/ writer, and famous for his works to the society at large. He will be healthy, wealthy and wise.

The Native has an exchange of lords of 5th (of Poorva punya & wisdom) and 9th lord Yogkaraka Saturn. Aspect of 8th lord (of deep research & concentration) Jupiter associated with Saturn on 5th lord Mercury made him a creative research oriented genius. 3rd lord Moon representing chemistry/ medicine is exalted in lagna in identical degrees as lagna. The native is born with Paijaat yoga involving Venus, Jupiter & Mercury. These planets during their dasha gave native great name and fame. During Jupiter-Saturn, in 1964, he got Padma Bhusan and during Jupiter-Mercury on 10 Dec 1968, he received Noble Prize for medicine for making first man made synthetic gene.

iii) With 10th Lord: The 5th is a Trikone house of Poorva Punya and 10th is the best Kendra of Karma. This exchange means that native will be a very pious soul and in later part of life may renounce the world or worldly pleasure. The two lords are in 6-8 position, hence it gives mixed results on material plane. The exchange also indicates an intellectual profession and success in speculation, but gives worries on account of non-recognition of abilities by superiors/ associates or due to health of children.

iv) With 11th Lord: It is a great Dhanyoga and Rajyoga as it is an exchange and mutual aspect of lord of Poorva Punya, wisdom, progeny, speculation & entertainment with the lord of gain & profit. One may earn a lot through lottery, speculation etc and through help of elders & friends. One will be very wealthy, happy, fortunate, and intelligent with high academic achievements. If Moon is associated with 11th lord in 5th house, it is called “Indra yoga” blessing native with great courage, lasting fame, king of kings but with reduced longevity like that of Christ, Adi Shankara or Alexander. If associated with Trika lord, there may be accident/sudden death of elder brother or progeny.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 63 of Borris Yeltsin.

2.7 Exchange of 7th lord with lords of other benefic houses
i) With 9th Lord: Although it is an exchange of lords of a Kendra & a Trikone, it gives mixed results only because the two houses are Upchachaya (3 & 11) to each other. 7th is a killer house, where a benefic may suffer Kendra-dhipati dosh, and benefic 7th lord in 9th gets set. It then become an Arishta to self, marries/ married life, luck, father-son/ employee-boss relationship. However if the two lords are strong and well placed, the native & spouse will be religious, enjoy happy married life and success/ gains in profession/ trade. One rises in life after marriage and prospers at far off/ foreign place.

ii) With 10th Lord: Since 7th is Sookshma Sthan of 10th house, an exchange of the two lords produce very good results. This exchange shows, native will have great success, may head the organization one serves and enjoy all comforts. It denotes gains in business/ profession. Spouse, partner & females helps promote career & honour of the native and in his business. One is lucky and famous after marriage. One does noble Karmas in all facets of life. However 10th lord may suffer from Kendra-dhipati Dosh and 7th is a killer house as well. So if 10th lord is afflicted, one may be addicted to vices.

The native was president of USA. He had exchange of lords of 7th (Saturn) & 10th (Venus) houses causing Rajyoga. He had very strong 5th house (Poorva Punya) containing Lagnesh & Amatyakaraka Sun, Yogkaraka Mars, 5th lord Jupiter & 2-11 lord Mercury causing great Rajyoga & Dhanyoga. 6-7 lord Saturn (also Moon sign lord) is retrograde in 10th house and aspects 7th house of Padprati indicating gradual rise in power and pushes a man very high in profession. With the beginning of Saturn dasha, senator Nixon became Vice-President of USA from 1952 to 1960. The during Saturn-Jupiter in 1968, he was elected President of USA and reelected in Mercury-Mercury in 1972.

However Mercury is killer for Leo lagna and it had lost in planetary war to Mars, it caused cancellation of Rajyoga. 12th lord Moon is weak in Paksh-bala and is in inimical Capricorn. Therefore during Mercury-Moon in 1973, he was involved in “Watergrade Scandal” and had to resign from the President Ship.

iii) With 11th Lord: Although the two lords are in Trikone to each other, this exchange gives mixed results only. The 11th house/ lord increases or grows some of the evil qualities of 7th house. One may have more than one wife/ marriage or enjoys other women secretly. One may have more female progeny. However one will be lucky after marriage or have gains through wife/ females. In business, one may succeed or gain through foreign collaboration or in foreign lands. If the two lords are strong & well placed, one will have long & happy married life.

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