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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Parivartan (Exchange) Yogas, Chapter XI, Part – 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

2.5 Exchange of 4th lord with lords of other benefic houses

i) With 5th Lord: This is an extra-ordinary good Rajyoga as it is exchange of a Kendra and Trikone lords. It is a link between Poorva Punya with the present one. It promises great happiness and success in life in field of education, luxuries, comforts and authority. One may be a creative genius. It also indicates happiness from children, who are comfortably settled. One gets inheritance from both parents and becomes wealthy. If either lord is afflicted, it is an Arishta to parents. If Mars influences Venus, one may have sexual overtures towards fairer sex. If afflicted by Rahu, one may be addicted to gambling/ satta.

ii) With 7th Lord: Although it is an exchange between two Kendra lords, yet it gives mixed results. Probably so, because 7th is a Marak house & primary house of spouse and if the lords are natural benefic, they suffer from Kendra-dhipati Dosh. The position gets worsened if if either lord is afflicted. The spouse is more dominating to the extent of causing tension. If 4th house gets afflicted, one may lose affection of mother; and if 7th gets afflicted, one may marry late or domestic harmony gets spoiled.

However, normally it indicates comforts, luxuries, happiness and vahan-Sukh through wife. The native will have high academic/ professional qualifications. If the two lords are unblemished and related with Venus, one may marry early and gets a wife with pleasing personality & disposition. Since 4th is 10th of 7th house, one gets a wife, who is working or otherwise assist the native in his profession. One will settle far or near his home depending on whether the two lords are in fixed or movable signs.

The native has exchange of 4th lord Moon with 7th lord Venus, both in identical degrees as lagna. Both planets suffer from Kendra-dhipati Dosh. The native is well-educated, pediatrician,having a serving doctor as wife. He has all the comforts & luxuries of life, as both are having good medical practice. His Moon is weak in Paksha-bala with no benefic influence and Venus is in Rahu-Ketu axis afflicted by Saturn. His wife is very dominating to the extent of causing marital disharmony at times. He stays with his in-laws and do not enjoy affection of his mother, although attached to her.

iv) With 9th Lord: This is an exchange of a Kendra & a Trikone lord, yet normally it gives only mixed results as the two houses are in 6-8 position from each other. If neither gives the best of happiness nor the best of luck. If benefics do not influence them, one may have more failures & depressions than achievements & gains in life. However, it is a great Rajyoga. It gives native high fame & comforts, Vahan-Sukhand follow religious pursuits. One will have large land & landed properties and high status in the society. It is very auspicious for foreign journeys’ settlement.

V) With 10th Lord: In this exchange, the two lords still aspect their respective houses; hence the significations of both the houses get enriched. As far as career is concerned, one will have success in one’s profession and will rise very high. One acquires expertise in various fields. One will have many properties & vehicles. One may get into profession concerning properties, vehicles or army or profession which require expert knowledge of them.
The native had Yogkaraka 4-5th lord Saturn (associated with 9th lord Mercury causing Kendra-Trikonadhipati yoga) exchange place with 10th lord Moon giving an excellent Rajyoga. He also had Gajkesari yoga in 1st-4th house. The Moon being in 2nd house from Rahu cases Mahashakti yoga, giving native abundance of courage, tolerance and success in every field. The royal planet Sun is in his own sign in 11th house with Mars. The native began career as a brave soldier. He was the product of French revolution, which made him very popular. The great Rajyogas mentioned above, made him a ruler. On 6 Dec 1804, during Rahu-Moon dasha, he declared himself an Emperor of France, and was crowned by the Pope himself.

vi) With 11th Lord: The exchange of 4th & 11th lord is not considered good as they form 6-8 relationship. This is an Arishta to self, mother, father and education. If Moon & 4th lord are strong, one will be attached to mother and gain land, properties and comforts as part of inheritance from mother/ maternal side. One may be liberal, helpful, and charitable, but may not be a successful businessman. The parents may not be healthy and may even die during periods/ sub-periods of either lord.

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