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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Arishta Yogas, Chapter XIV, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Arishta to Father

i) Sun in Paapkartari or in association/ opposition to malefic, leads to early death of father.

ii) Saturn in lagna, Moon in 6th and Mars in 7th house cause death of father.

iii) Malefics conjoins and aspect Sun from 7th cause early death of father.

iv) Sun in Navamsha of Mars, and aspected by Saturn, father dies or leaves home before birth of the son.

v) Sun conjoins Mars or is in 12th from Mars and is aspected by Saturn, cause early death of father.

vi) Birth during Sun-eclipse or in Jyestha-Mool Gandanta is an Arishta to father.

vii) The 4th house from Sun & Moon and 7th house are simultaneously afflicted, cause early death of both parents.

viii) Malefics in lagna, 2nd, 7th and 12th houses causes destruction of the entire family.

ix) Jupiter in lagna, and Sun, Mercury, Mars & Saturn in 2nd house, cause death of father on the marriage of the native.

The native is the son of famous Congress leader Sanjay Gandhi. He was born on 13 Mar 1980 . He has Sun in 5th house (of Aquarius) with Ketu & 12th lord Mercury and has in opposite 11th house Rahu, 2-7th lord Mars & 3-6th lord Jupiter ®. In addition Saturn (R) also aspects Sun from previous 11th house. His 9th house is aspected by Ketu and by Saturn (R). Therefore his father, Sanjay Gandhi died in about three months from his birth. However the native is well and healthy at least till date.

Specific Arishta Yoga

5. Angaheena (Viklang) Yoga:

This yoga has following variants, which cause loss or deformity in one of the limbs of the native;
i) The Moon in 10th, Mars in 7th, and Saturn in 2nd from the Sun.

ii) Venus in lagna is aspected by Saturn.

iii) Venus is in 4th, while Jupiter is associated with Saturn, Mars or Mercury cause Viklangata  in hand, feet or waist.

iv) Mars is in 5th or 9th house aspected by malefic.

v) Venus & Saturn are in debility, while Sun is in Aquarius.

vi) 6th lord in 7th house aspected by Rahu.

vii) 6th lord & Saturn in 12th house aspected by a malefic.

6. Apasmaar (epilepsy) Yoga

It is essentially a mental illness. This yoga is formed, when 4th house is afflicted and 4th lord/ Moon is posited in a Trika house and aspected by a malefic.

In the above chart, the 4th house is afflicted being in Rahu-Ketu axis and held between malefic Saturn & Mars. The 4th lord Moon is in 12th house aspected by Saturn, Ketu and Mars separately. The native suffered from epilepsy throughout his life.

7. Atmaghat Yoga

Atma ghat or suicide means when one is responsible for own death. When self-denoting planets (Lagnesh, 3rd lord, 10th lord, 11th lord, Sun or Moon) influence planets denoting mode of death (Lagna, 8th house or its lord), who should be weak, this yoga is formed. Jupiter & Moon are the planets of hope, happiness & opportunity. When these are under severe affliction, one gets into a state of frustration and futility of life. Saturn enhances this futility state. Mars makes a person angry. Anger & frustration are two basic emotions generating suicidal tendencies. Ketu helps one to resort to the final act, Thus Moon-Mars-Ketu syndrome is another notable feature of suicide.

The native was Principle of Indian Institute of astrology, Calcutta. He had 3rd lord Sun in Nakshtra of Rahu, posited in lagna. His 11th Lord Mars aspected 7th lord Jupiter in 8th, Moon in 11th and Ketu in 12th house. Thus Mars-Moon-Ketu syndrome is clearly visible. Again his Jupiter was retrograde, debilitated and in infant stage, while Moon was weak in Paksh & Digbala and hemmed between malefic. Jupiter from previous house afflicted 3rd & 11th houses (both hands), Moon and lagna. Hence on 5 Jun 1993, during dasha of Jupiter-Mercury, native committed suicide by jumping into Ganga river.

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