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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Arishta Yogas, Chapter XIV, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8. Badhir (deaf) Yoga

It is a disease of ears. It it seen that those who are born deaf become dumb also. However the common problem is of difficulty in/ hard of hearing or some problem in the ear, as an instrument. The ears are represented by 3rd & 11th house, and its natural Karaka is Jupiter. Please note the following Yoga;
i) Full Moon & Venus are with malefic planet, Mercury in 6th and Venus in 5th house, while birth is of night.

ii) Mercury & 6th lord are in a Trika house aspected by malefic.

iii) 3rd, 5th, 9th & 11th houses have malefic without benefic aspects.

iv) Sun & Venus in lagna and Saturn is in 7th from Moon.

v) Rahu conjoins Venus in 6th or in Virgo.

vi) Afflicted Venus conjoins Mercury in 12th house, left ear has a problem.

vii) 3rd lord is aspected by Rahu & by 11th lord, while Jupiter is weak or vice-versa.

9. Bandhan Yoga

Imprisonment/ confinement is possible in following cases:
i) When equal number of malefic occupies houses 2 & 12 or 3 & 11 or 5 ^ 9 houses.

ii) When lords of lagna & 6th joins a Kendra/ Trikone with Saturn, or Rahu/ Ketu.

iii) 12th house/ lord is related with depositor of Rahu and 12th lord is weak due aspect of malefic or being in debility/ inimical sign.

iv) Lagnesh is combust and Sun is debilited.

For illustration, refer chart No. 2 of JL Nehru and No. 18 of Mahatma Gandhi, both had one malefic each in 2nd & 12th house. Again in case of Nelson Mandela (Chart No. 87), 12th house is occupied by debilitated Rahu, while 12th lord Mars is aspected by Saturn and Ketu.

10. Bhratru-Hani (loss of/ to brother) Yoga

In the following circumstances, native loses brother or cause serious harm to them:
i) 3rd lord & Mars posited in 6th, 8th or 12th house.

ii) 3rd house and its lord are aspect by malefic.

iii) 3rd lord & Mars are together in 6th house with a malefic.

iv) Mars aspects Saturn posited in 3rd house.

v) 3rd house is posited with or aspected by malefic or is in Paapkartari.

vi) Navamsha lord of 3rd lord is combust, in debility or in Paapkartari.

The native has many siblings indicated by 11th lord Mercury in 3rd house. The 3rd house has Jupiter in debility, while 3rd lord Saturn is retrograde in 10th house in inimical sign aspected by 6th lord Mars & 12th lord Venus in mutual aspect with its bitter enemy Sun. The karaka of brothers Mars is combust and aspect 11th house. The 8th lord Mercury in 3rd house ensured death of his eldest brother and serious heart ailment to another, during Jupiter dasha.

11. Dant-Vikar Yoga

Rahu is karaka of Denture. The teeth may be irregular or bigger or may cause problem/ pain when this yoga is operative as under:

i) The 2nd house is posited or aspected by Rahu and some other malefic.

ii) Rahu is in 2nd house from the sign posited with 7th lord.

iii) Malefics are in 7th house without benefic influence.

iv) Lords of 2nd conjoins 6th lord along with a malefic.

v) Rahu is posited in lagna or 5th house without benefic influence.

vi) Lagna identical with Aries/ Taurus, aspected by malefic.

12. Durghatna (Accident) Yoga

Mars has a strange affinity with blood & suddenness in accidents leading to cuts, bleeding, hemorrhage etc. When Sun & Jupiter are afflicted and related with lords of 6th, 8th or 12th houses, it may cause destructive accidents by vehicle or aircraft. A badly afflicted 4th house, Saturn & Mars denote accident with heavy vehicle like truck/ bus/ train etc. However if Jupiter aspects lagna or 8th lord has no connection with 3rd house/ lord, the accident may not be fatal.

For illustration, please refer chart No. 83 of Princess Diana, who died in a car accident. Debilitated lagna 4th lord Jupiter carrying malevolence of Saturn aspected Venus and 8th house. While Moon sign lord Saturn aspected 4th & 8th house. Rahu carrying malevolence of Mars aspected lagna & Moon.

13. Dur-Vyasan (Addiction) Yoga

This yoga is formed when lagna, Moon, 2nd house and their lords are under influence of Rahu and/ or Saturn. A weak & debilitated Jupiter aspecting lagna, 2nd or 12th house aggravate this problem.

The native is addicted to cheap liquor and cannot live without it. The 6th lord Saturn afflicts 2nd house and Lagnesh, 2nd lord & 12th lord posited together in 9th house. While debilitated Jupiter aspects the three planets in 9th house and the Lagna. Rahu along with 8th lord Mars afflicts Moon, 2nd house and Saturn. This conclusively proves the addiction of the native.

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