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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas of Intellect and Creative Brilliance, Chapter X, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. Introduction
1.1 The 5th house of a horoscope represents creativity. It is essentially a desire to express oneself in the external world and to get recognized by the society. Creativity is an essential quality of Divine spark, which takes place at different levels of brilliant manifestation. On the physical plane, it takes the form of children- their quality, number & impediments. On the emotional plane, it manifests pleasures of life, like recreation, amusement, courtship, love affairs, flirtations, and games & sports. On the mental plane, it represents education, literary works, expression of new ideas in arts & crafts, artistic talents in music, acting etc, ministership, intellect, intuitive perception and speculation etc. Every native has a special path to follow, which includes several aspects of life and stages of action revealed by the creative urges of the 5th house.

1.2 In Vedic literature, Vidhya, Budhhi, & Chitta are represented by a female deity. The consciousness of a native is always ready to swell forth provided he unites with “her”. The classical texts have used the key words “womb”, “liaisons with courtesans” and “property derived from wife’s luck”. When a native acquires pure awareness i.e. permanent unity with Buddhi (intellect/ wisdom), whereby “she” becomes his wife, he receives the “property derived through the wife’s luck”. The fruit of a native’s union with his Buddhi must be incubated in a womb, a sanctuary of creativity, till it is ready to affect the outside world by its brilliance. It means that getting brilliant children, education, wisdom, literary works and outstanding works in fields of recreation, sports, or game, are all different facets of manifestation of Divine creativity.

1.3 From the above, it may be seen that the 5th is the main house for intellect and creative brilliance. Other primary houses are 9th (by principle of Bhavet Bhavam being 5th from 5th) and 2nd (being 10th or Karma sthan of 5th house). The 2nd house is very mysterious one. The classical texts relate it to wealth, speech, eyesight, family knowledge and death. In the process of manifestation, creative energy assumes various forms. The speech and eyesight are both manifestations of creative power both at physical and super-physical plane giving expression to intellect and creative brilliance of a native. The secondary houses are 4th, 8th and 10th. The 4th house shows application of 5th (gaining education), 8th is 4th (happiness) from 5th house giving native deep concentration, & consistent perseverance required for various discoveries/ inventions. 10th is house Karma, honours, awards and recognition from authorities.

1.4 The main karaka for education, intelligence, mathematics, scientific learning & speech is Mercury; Jupiter is the Karaka for wisdom, logic, Gyan, Buddhi, intellect, intuition, & knowledge of scriptures. Sun being the owner of natural 5th house (of Kaal Purush), is the karaka of name, fame, honours and awards from the authorities. The Moon being Karaka and controller of Mind (Mana), is a great facilitator for acquiring various types of knowledge and creative intellect.
2. Yogas of Intellect and Creative Brilliance
2.1 Bhaskar Yoga: This yoga is conferred when the Mercury is in 2nd from the Sun, the Moon is in 11th from Mercury and Jupiter is in a Trikone from the Moon. In this yoga three benefics Moon, Mercury and Jupiter participate in their relative position, with the Moon, Sun & Mercury in three successive signs/ houses and Jupiter in a Trikone from the Moon; but their position with respect to lagna or their sign position is not taken into consideration. Such a native will be wealthy, aristocratic, with a good personality, and learned in Shastras, astrology and/ or music.

The native was one of the greatest industrialist and automobile giant. In his chart, Moon, Sun & Mercury were in three successive signs of Taurus, Gemini & Cancer in 4th, 5th & 6th houses, and Jupiter was positioned in 9th (a trikone) house from Moon. He founded Standard oil company in 1870 and later two universities of Chicago & Rockfellar. He was a great philanthropist, aristocrat by nature and fond of music.

2.2 Bhavya Yoga: This, yoga is formed when the Moon is in 10th house, the Navamsha lord of Moon is in its exaltation/ own sign and lords of 2nd & 9th are together. This yoga highlights the importance of the Moon, and lords of 9th & 2nd houses (both house of higher education). A native born with this yoga will  be rich, respected, learned in Botany, pharmacology or collector of artefacts.

The native is a CEO in a multi-national pharmaceutical firm bases in USA. He has Moon in own Nakshtra in 10th house, making a gajkesari yoga with Digbali Jupiter in lagna. Moon’s Navamsha lord Venus is exalted & digbali in 4th house in mutual aspect with Moon. The 9th lord Sun conjoins 2nd lord Saturn in 2nd house. During dasha of Rahu, posited in 9th house, the native did his B. Pharma from B.H.U. in 1981 and went to USA to do his master degree in 1984. Today he is living with his family happily in USA and has still a very religious bent of mind.

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