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Thought Of The Day - 06 /11/2012 - In relationships of today youngsters are neither traditional nor modern. They spin a web of thoughts which has a mix of being COOL & EXPECTING. As male - female - complexities of there projected THOUGHT is like a ghost and chaotic. It is necessary that an understanding of love - lust & relationship - companionship is TOLD to them as separate from DEALING with there JOBS / PEOPLE - it will help - emotional complexities make reactions happen which take them away from happiness. The late nights - hollow hugs - the talks of anti aging cream - exercise regime - ------ - that depicts there love for THEMSELVES ONLY - it will create a hollow society where MONEY - - LUST - GREED & all forms of HORIZONTAL GROWTH will rule. LET US TELL THEM THE ART OF SEEING - WE MUST SAVE THE YOUNG & TELL OUR CHILDREN TO TEACH OTHERS IF WE HAVE GIVEN THEM VALUES - THERE ARE MANY STILL. Even in great rocking parties i know parents who are there for reasons but deep down are value oriented and know the basics. LET US TEACH LOVE - THE ART OF GIVING - I AGAIN REPEAT LOVE FROM YOUR HEART IS YOUR BIGGEST ASSET - LOVE IS THE FEEL 

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