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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Ayur (Longevity) Yogas, Chapter XII, Part – 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

5.2 Cancellation of Short life
i) A strong unafflicted & non-combust Jupiter in a Kendra.

ii) Lagna, Moon and their lords are strong & well-fortified.

iii) Strong Sun in 11th for a day birth or Moon in 11th in night birth.

iv) Strong Moon is in a Kendra or 11th house and in Navamsha of Sun, Moon or Jupiter.

v) Strong Saturn in a Kendra with benefic aspects.

6. Yogas for Medium life/ Madhyu Ayu
6.1 i) If benefics are in Kendra/ Trikone, and strong Saturn & malefic in 6th or 8th house.

ii) If Jupiter is in a Kendra, 8th house is vacant, and lagna & Moon are free from affliction.

iii) Lagnesh and 8th lord are in different Kendra.

iv) Jupiter & Saturn are in a dual sign together.

v) If Lagnesh is weak, malefic occupy Trika houses and Jupiter occupies a Kendra/ Trikone.

vi) Strong Mercury in a Kendra/ Trikone, 8th house vacant, but aspected by a benefic, one lives for 40 years.

vii) 8th lord in lagna and 8th house without a benefic, native lives for 40 years.

viii) Sun & Saturn in Capricorn in 3rd or 6th house, while 8th lord in a Kendra, native lives for 44 years.

ix) Lagnesh & 8th lord in lagna aspected by Saturn, native lives for 48 years, one lives for 48 years (refer chart No. 33 of Rajiv Gandhi).

x) If Moon is in 1st, 8th or 12th house, Mercury in 4th/ 10th house,and Jupiter conjoins Venus in any house, one lives for 50 years.

xi) The Sun with natural malefic in Cancer lagna, Moon in 10th house and Jupiter in a Kendra, one lives for 55 years.

xii) The Moon & lagna lord together in 6th, 8th or 12th house and lagna falling in Navamsha of Saturn, native lives for 58 years.

xiii) The Moon is in its own sign or in lagna and benefics in 7th house, native lives for 60 years.

xiv) Lords of lagna & of Moon sign conjoin Sun in 8th house and Jupiter in a Kendra, native lives for 60 years.

7 Sudden/ unnatural deaths

7.1 Durmaran Yoga: This yoga is caused if Moon is aspected by lagna lord, who should occupy 6th, 8th, or 12th house in association with Saturn or Rahu. Such a native meets a sudden/ unnatural death.

7.2 i) When Moon in the house of Saturn/ Mars and is aspected by malefic, one dies of bullet injuries (refer chart No. 104 of Indira Gandhi).

ii) If malefic are in Kendra/ Trikones and 8th lord combines with Mars, native dies by hanging (refer chart No. 6 of Z. A. Bhutto).

iii) If 8th lord is aspected by Saturn/ Mars, one dies of bullet injuries/fire (refer chart No. 31 of J.F. Kennedy).

iv) If lords of 1st/ 8th are weak and associated with Mars or 6th lord, one dies of drowning.

v) If waning Moon conjoins with Mars, Saturn or Rahu in 8th/ 12th house, one dies of firer/ drowning.

vi) When a number of planets are in their detrimental signs, one dies an unnatural death (aMs Indira Gandhi had four planets in their detrimental signs).

vii) If 3rd lord is in 8th or 12th house with Mars, Saturn or Rahu, and aspecting 3rd/ 9th lord, native dies in an air mishap (refer chart No. 22 of Madhav Rao Scindhia).

viii) According to Jatak Parijaat, if several planets combines with Lagnesh or 8th lord, native dies a violent death with many others (refer chart No. 33 of Rajiv Ganhdi).

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