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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yoga for Penury, Chapter XV, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

11. Khal Yoga:

These are combinations of wickedness obtained when lord of 3rd house exchanges places with house lords other Trika houses. Thus 3rd lord exchange places with lords of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th houses (total eight yogas). These yogas are characterized by cycle of prosperity & disgress, poverty or misery, gentleness & haughtiness, fickle & wicked nature, fluctuating fortunes & temperament depending upon influence of other lords/ planetsin the chart.

Chart no. 162

Native became a national hero, when Janata Party, under his guidance, came to power ending Emergency misrule of Ms Indira Gandhi in 1977. He had exchange of 3rd lord Mercury with 4th lord Venus. He had a chequered career in social & political life with fluctuating fortunes. He got his M. A. Ph. D. degree from California university (USA). He joined independence movement and was jailed in 1942. After independence movement and was jailed in 1942. After independence, he formed Socialist Party, then joined Sarvodaya & Bhudan movement of Vinoba Bhave. In Jun 1975, he gave a call for total revolution to end congress’ misrule resulting in imposing Emergency by Govt. He had very poor health because his 3rd house was afflicted by Saturn & Debilitated Jupiter. Exchange of Saturn & Jupiter and their aspect on Venus caused him renal failure.

12. Par-anna-bhojana Yoga:

This yoga is formed when 2nd lord is in debility and aspected by another debilitated planet or is itself in a malefic Navamsha. The native under this yoga will live upon food doled out by others or will be fully dependent on others.

13. Pisacha Grastha Yoga:

When Rahu is in lagna with weak Moon and Malefics are in Trikones, this yoga is given rise to. Under this, the native suffers from the attacks of Pisacha (spirits).

14. Preshya Yoga:

This is a yoga of servitude. The native will be extremely poor and will work for or at the behest of others. The planetary combinations for it are as under:

i) Debilitated Jupiter in a Trika house, while Moon is in 4th house.

ii) Mars, Jupiter & Sun respectively occupy Sandhi of 6th, 4th & 10th house.

iii) The Sun is in 4th, Moon in 7th, Sun in 10th, Mars in 3rd house and lagna is in a movable sign. The native will be servant of another person.

iv) When a person is born during nighttime and has the lord of the movable rising sign in Sandhi and a malefic planet occupies a Kendra.

v) When Jupiter is in Capricorn occupying the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, and Moon is in the 4th from the rising sign.

15. Rekha Yoga:

This is yoga of acute penury and is formed as under:
i) Lagnesh is weak & aspected by 8th lord, while Jupiter is combust.

ii) Lagnesh is with a malefic, 4th lord also conjoined with malefic, while Venus & Jupiter are combust/ in debility.

iii) Benefics are in Trika houses, while malefics are in Kendra/ Trikone and 11th lord is weak.

16. Rini Yoga:

The native is perpetually under debt, under following combinations:

i). Malefics in 2nd, Lagnesh in 12th and 10th lord is conjoined with or aspected by 8th lord.

ii) Malefic in lagna is aspected by at least two of the Trika lords.

iii) 2nd & 11th lords are in debility and in inauspicious Navamsha.

iv) Navamsha lord of 11th lord is in a Trika house with a benefic.

v) Lagnesh is combust/ debilitated in a Trika house conjoined with 2nd/ 7th lord, while 9th lord has no benefic influence.

17. Summary

Poverty is the greatest curse in this material world of today. It ruins personal life, aspirations, shatters all hopes and makes one dejected, subjugated or humiliated at various steps in life. Poverty shows its face at various levels and most of us end our life try and make the two ends meet. There are several yoga/ planetary combinations for penury. In this chapter we have discussed 106 planetary combinations under 14 group of Yogas. Eight charts of new nativities have been included to illustrate certain points.

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