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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Raj Yogas, Chapter V, Part – 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal
3.11 If Jupiter aspects Moon posited in a Kendra other than lagna, a Rajyoga is formed. The Moon in lagna has presumably been excluded because it does not allow wealth & prosperity to remain stable due to its highly mobile and changeable nature.

3.12 Jupiter in lagna, Mercury in any Kendra aspected by Lagna lord forms strong Raj yoga.

3.13 Jupiter in 5th, 7th or 9th house aspected by Lagna lord makes native as lucky as a king.

The native was 1st President of USA. He had Jupiter in 5th house aspected by exalted Lagna lord Venus. He successfully fought for independence of USA and became its 1st President of USA during dasha of Jupiter-Venus.

3.14 An exalted Saturn posited in a Trikone house and aspected by 10th lord gives a native very high status/position in the society.

3.15 If lord of 2nd, 9th or 11th is in Kendra to Moon, it forms a Raj yoga. If more than one lord is in Kendra, it will give better results. In chart No. 27 above, Sun as 9th lord and venus as 11th lord in Kendra from the Moon, producing Raj yoga. Similarly if Jupiter, as lord of 2nd, 9th or 11th house is in Kendra from Moon, it also forms Raj yoga.

3.16 The lord of 5th (9th from 9th), 6th (9th from 10th and 10th from 9th), 7th (10th from 10th), 9th, and 10th lords are in their own sign, it forms Raj yoga, and makes native wealthy, famous and prosper like a king.

3.17 If Mercury, Jupiter & Venus are in Kendra/ Trikone houses with Mars in 10th house, it causes a great Raj yoga.

3.18 As per Sarvarth Chintamani, the fame and power, accrued as a result of Poorva Janam & this Janam’s Karma are also denoted by 2nd house/lord, since 2nd house is 5th from 10th and 10th from 5th house. Some of the prominent Raj yogas involving 2nd house/lord are:

1. Lords of 2nd & 5th house No. 2, 5, 9 or 10.

The native had 2nd lord Venus & 5th lord Saturn in 9th house and four planets including lagna-10th lord Mercury, 4-7th lord Jupiter, Sun & Moon in 10th house. His Raj yoga manifested from the dasha of Mercury (in star war series) till date in Venus dasha.

2. Lords of 2nd & 11th in 10th house.

3.19 Some other Raj yogas are:
1. Rahu alone in 4th, 5th, 10th or 11th house in his own dasha.

2. Conjunction or mutual aspects of lords of 8th & 9th (only during dasha of 8th lord) or lords of 10th & 11th (only during dasha of 11th lord).

3. Venus & Moon in 3rd house.

3.20 Conjunction/ mutual aspect/ exchange between lord of 9th & 10th from Moon or Sun also produces Raj yoga.

3.21 Exalted strong Saturn in a Kendra if conjunct or aspected by Jupiter and/or Mercury, gives native name, fame & wealth like a king. Amitabh Bachhan has lagna lord Saturn in 4th house aspecting exalted Jupiter in 6th house.

3.22 If unafflicted lords of 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th houses aspect lagna from auspicious houses, a king is produced.

The native was one of the youngest and most popular President of USA. His lagna is aspected by 4-7th lord Jupiter associated with 9th lord Venus from 9th house and 5-6th lord Saturn from 11th house. Both Jupiter and Saturn are neither combust, nor debilitated nor under malefic influence. In addition he also he had Gajkesari yoga in 9th & 12th houses.
4. Important Raj Yogas from Jaimini
4.1 There are many Raj yogas suggested by sage Jaimini. In most of the cases, the role of/ relation between Atmakaraka, Amatyakaraka, 5th lord, lagna, lagna-pad, and Karkamsha are significant. Some of the Raj yogas are as under:

1. The relation between Atma-karaka & lagna is one of the best Raj yoga. If placed together in one sign (in natal/ Navamsha lagna), or aspecting each other, it makes the native very fortunate like a king. In chart No 2 of JL Nehru, Atmakaraka Moon also Lagna lord was placed in Lagna, making him Prime Minister of India during dasha of Moon.

2. Conjunction of lords of lagna & 5th house in sign of exaltation/own, gives strong Raj yoga.

3. Atmakaraka & Amatyakaraka together or in mutual aspect.

4. Atmakaraka and 5th lord together or in mutual aspect.

5. If Amatyakaraka is placed in a Kendra/ Trikone/ 11th house from Atmakaraka, in birth/ Navamsha chart, one attains very high position in life.

6. Benefic planets in 2nd, 4th, & 5th house from langa or Atmakaraka gives name, fame & power & honour.

7. Conjunction or aspect of exalted planets on lagna, Moon lagna, Navamsha lagna or Karkamsha lagna, gives strong Raj yoga.

4.2 Other important Raj yogas in Jaimini system are as under:
1. Atmakaraka/ Amatyakaraka/ 5th lord together with or in mutual aspect with Putrakaraka, / Darakaraka.

2. The Moon & Venus together or in mutual aspect.

3. If Moon is apected by many planets, it is an excellent Raj yoga.

4. If two or all of Brava lagna, Hora lagna, Ghatika lagna are aspected by exalted planets.

4.3 Let us see two example charts;

The native had Atmakaraka Mercury with Amatyakaraka Venus, lagna lord Sun, 5th lord Jupiter & Moon. He also had conjunction of Moon & Venus in Lagna. During the Antar dasha of 5th lord Jupiter in the dasha of Rahu, he had great Raj yoga manifested in his life, making him Prime minister of India at a young age of 40 suddenly.

Case 2.

The native has Atmakarka Sun with Amatyakaraka Mercury in 9th house aspected by Jupiter from 5th house, Darakaraka Moon and 5th lord & Putrakaraka Saturn. This causes a great Raj yoga. In 5th house from lagna-pad, there are three planets Sun, Mercury & Mars, indicating fame, power & honour. Again Jupiter in 5th house is aspected by Jaimini aspect by five planets (Sun, Mercury & Mars, Saturn and Moon from fixed signs) denoting another Raj yoga. She had Ra yoga manifested from the dasha of Amatyakaraka Mercury, when she was selected for IPS in 1972.

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