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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Raj Yogas, Chapter V, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Formation of Rajyogas

3.1 There are 11 Kendra-Trikone Yogas as under:

1. Lagna lord on one side and the lord of 4th, or 5th, or 7th, or 9th or 10th house on other house (total five combinations).

2. Lord of 4th house on one side and lord of 7th or 10th house on other side (Two combinations).

3. Lord of 5th house on one side and lord of 7th or 10th house on other side (Two combinations).

4. Lord of 7th house on one side and lord of 9th on other side.

5. Lord of 9th house on one side and lord of 10th on the other side.

Note: However these should not be simultaneously lord of 8th or 11th house.

Out of the above, the best results are gtiven by lords of 9th & 10th (Dharma-karm-adhipati yoga), followed by lord of lagna with 9th lord (Lagna-bhagy-adhipati Yoga) or 10th lord (Lagna-Karm-adhipati Yoga). Still better results are seen when these yogas occur in a Trikone/Kendra. These combinations are so important that it overcomes slight blemish of lordship of 3, 6, or 8th house. All the above combinations bestow auspicious results during their dasha, antar-darha or Pratyantar dasha periods. In the case of Mahatma Gandhi (Chart No. 18), 9th lord Mercury is in lagna with lagna lord Venus & 7th lord Mars; while 10th lord is in 10th house. He had Raj yoga manifested from the dasha of Mars onwards. Let us see another example.

The native had Lagna lord Venus with Yogkaraka (4-5th lord) Saturn in 10th house (the best Kendra) forming a great Raj yoga. She was great singer of divine vocal/ classic Karnatak music and was awarded “Bharat Ratna” in 1998 during Saturn-Mercury for her services to the music world.

3. Other Rajyogas
3.2 If three or more planets are in their exaltation/ own sign, it forms a Rajyoga.
The stronger the planet, better will be the result. 16 different variations of Raj yoga may result when three or four exalted planets in different Kendras and for different lagna are considered.

 The native had three exalted planets- Sun in 4th, Yogkaraka Venus in 3rd, and Lagnesh Sturn in 10th house, with Mars in Mooltrikone sign in 4th house. The native had a great Rajyoga starting from the dasha of Venus.

3.3 If three or more planets in a chart are digbali, the native enjoys good Raj yoga. Mercury & Jupiter in lagna, Sun & Mars in 10th, Saturn in 7th, and Moon & Venus in 4th house are digbali.

3.4 If a debilitated plant is retrograde and posited in a Kendra/Trikone house, it forms a Rajyoga. Some astrologer include 2nd & 11th house also for auspicious results, particularly related to wealth.


The native had 3-6th lord Jupiter debilitated and retrograde posited in 4th house. The Jupiter is aspected by Lagna lord Venus, 9th lord Mercury & 11th lord Sun from 10th house and by its depositor Saturn exalted in lagna. It gave great Rajyoga to the native. During the dasha of Jupiter, he led great Cuban revolution and became the Prime minister and later President of Cuba, through dasha of Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury till Feb 2008, when due to ill health, he voluntarily stepped down.

3.5 Lagna, 10th house or Moon when influenced by four or more, planets forms strong Raj yoga (there are 33 variants, 11 each of lagna, 10th house & Moon) giving powerful results.

The native had lagna occupied by 9th lord Mercury & 10th lord Sun (Dharma-Karmadhipati yoga) and 11th lord Venus. Lagna is also aspected by 5th lord Mars from 10th house and by Ketu from 9th house. Lagna lord Jupiter associated with Saturn, aspects 10th house. This produces strong Raj yoga during dasha of Mercury-Saturn, when he was first Home Minister and later Prime minister of India, though for a short duration only.

3.6 All benefics in Kendra and all malefic in Trishadya (3, 6 & 11) houses, bring forth a kingin the world.

3.7 Debilitated lords of Trika (6, 8, & 12) houses, when aspecting lagna produce a Raj Yoga.

3.8 Debilitated planets occupying 3rd, 6th, 8th or 11th house, in the presence of a strong lagna lord aspecting the lagna, produces Raj yoga.

3.9 Jupiter-Venus conjunction in the 9th house or associated with 5th lord, produces a king. John Kennedy, ex-US President had Sun, Jupiter & Venus in 9th house with neither planet combust.

3.10 Rahu/Ketu with a Trikone lord in a Kendra or with a Kendra lord in a Trikone confers a Raj yoga.

The native has Rahu in his own sign in a Kendra (7th house) with Trikone (5th) lord Mars. The natie became a famous Sarod player, manifesting Raj yoga, at a young age. Incidentally 9th lord Sun & 10th lord Mercury are also posited in 10th house with Lagna lord Jupiter.

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