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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas: Conjunction of Planets, Chapter IV, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

6. Five Planets’ Conjunction

6.1 Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter: One will be kind, wealthy, learned, blessed with property & comforts of servants; but will be miserable, cunning, experience physical distress and separation from wife.

6.2 Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Venus: One will be master of crafts, gentle & lead comfortable life. In early life, he will be licentious, thoughtful in middle ages and in last part may become very religious. He will do others’ job, lose strength/ courage through relations/ friends.

6.3 Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Saturn: One will have short life and bereft of comforts from wealth, happiness, wife, or children, and incur extra-expenditure on diseases.

6.4 Sun-Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Venus: One will be a counselor/ minister, charitable; but will have eye diseases, mean, rejected by parents, relations with other’s women, a terrorist/ assassin.

6.5 Sun-Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Saturn: One will be an expert warrior, well learned, good planner, helpful to others, acquires wealth of others, wicked, fickle minded, and separated from his lady love.

6.6 Sun-Moon-Mars-Venus-Saturn: One may be a counselor/ minister, servants in abundance, well versed in worldly affairs and deal with them firmly, fond of traveling, not so wealthy, of low morals, addicted to others’ women.

6.7 Sun-Moon-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: One will be wealthy and born to wealthy parents, attains a very high position of authority & power, simple, good looking with beautiful eyes and blessed with good wife & children.

6.8 Sun-Moon-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn: One will be a famous minister/ judge or machinist, wise, healthy, very wealthy, has many dependants, but timid, coward, cheat and deprived of paternal love and people dear to him.

For illustration, please refer chart No. 33 of Rajiv Gandhi.

6.9 Sun-Moon-Mercury-Venus-Saturn: One will have own business, income through fine arts, tall stature, sickly, bereft of happiness from wealth, wife, sons & friends, and hairy body.

6.10 Sun-Moon-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: One will be learned, highly pious, free from grief & fear, eloquent, clever in juggling, attached to his family, fickle minded.

6.11 Sun-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: One will be fortunate, healthy, free from sickness/ grief, good looking, famous army commander/ leader of men, dear to king, has great self respect, but follows others’ women.

6.12 Sun-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn: One will be always mentally disturbed, lives in dilapidated house, pick up quarrels, cheat, diseased, suffers at the hands of enemies; but good results in 10th house.

6.13 Sun-Mars-Mercury-Venus-Saturn: One will be learned, perverted brain, tormented by disease & enemies, famished, displaced from his residence/ position, and roam out of agony.

6.14 Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: The native will be well learned, intelligent, wealthy, expert in dealing with machinery & equipments dealing with water, minerals & chemicals etc and achieve fame in this field, and liked by ladies.

6.15 Sun-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: The native will be well versed in many Sashtras/ scriptures, virtuous, devoted to preceptors/ elders, helpful to others, fond of music & art, wealthy, happy and eloquent.

6.16 Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: One will be learned, blessed with wealth, happiness & comforts of life, virtuous, good looking, free from diseases, many friends, fond of music & fine art, and helpful to others.

6.17 Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn: One will be clever, self praise, bring discredit to family, dependant on others, miserable, night-blind, wicked, and may be imprisoned.

6.18 Moon-Mars-Mercury-Venus-Saturn: One may be ugly in looks, serving others but wealthy, wanderer, contact diseases due to relations with lowly/ poor women, and will have large number of friends & enemies.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 75 of Osho Rajnish.

6.19 Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: One will be blessed with happiness, vehicles, & friends, liked by people and serves the virtuous; but dependant on others, and have eye disease.

6.20 Moon-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: Native will be kingly or minister or chief of the people, highly respected, blessed with wealth, property, comforts of life and attached to many ladies.

6.21 Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: One will have knowledge of Sashtra, control over his senses, pious, brave, liked by king, free from grief, but easily angered & rash, and may misuse power & authority.

7. Six or more Planets’ Conjunction
7.1 Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: native will be very learned, expert in many languages & fields, kingly, valorous, splendorous, blessed with wealth, wife & virtues, lean and loves to dwell in hills/ forest.

7.2 Sun-Moon-Mar-Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn: One will be spendthrift in early part of life, later on will be wise, respected, pious, charitable, blessed with wealth & all comforts of life; but adulterous, fickle minded and sickly.

7.3 Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Venus-Saturn: One will be charitable, generous, get buried/ willed wealth, famous, destroyer of foes; but adulterous, quarrelsome, deprived of his position and be issueless.

7.4 Sun-Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: Native will be mean, serving others, suffers from TB/ chest troubles, humiliated, easily angered, bereft of comforts; but contended and devoted to his wife.

7.5 Sun-Moon-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: One will be a counselor/ minister, kind hearted, fortunate, good looking, bereft of wealth, wife, and happiness; but gives good results in 10th house.

7.6 Sun-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: Native will be wise, brave, but wanders in hills/ shrines, blessed with wealth, wife & progeny.

For illustration, please refer Chart No. 21 of Billionaire Dr.

7.7 Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: One will be very wealthy, attain a high position, pious, blessed with many women, comforts & vehicles, counselor/ minister, and goes on pilgrimage.

7.8 All the seven planets: It is a very rare combination. One may be illustrious, revered, devotee of lord Shiva, holds a very high position, wealthy, charitable, blessed with wife, children, all comforts and vehicles.

8. Summary
8.1 This chapter had considered 120 Yogas. However astrologers believe that each of them may give different results in different houses, making 1440 yogas. But then the results of these yogas are also influenced by the aspect and sign, where the conjunction takes place, depending on signs of exaltation, Mooltrikone, own, inimical & debilitation. Then the influence of Rahu & Ketu should also be considered. All these would take the total to be over 3000.

8.2 The results indicated above should not be applied literally. These are general results which will get modified by house, sign, closeness, inter-planetary strength, Nakshtras, and aspects of other planets from other houses. The classics normally denote either good or evil results, leaving hardly any space for grey areas, which are plenty. Proficiency in astrological predictions requires lot of research, experience and application/ intuition in each case.

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