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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Dhan Yogas, Chapter VII, Part – 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

7.16 Kubera Yoga: When Mars, Venus, Saturn and Rahu occupy Virgo sign, this yoga is formed. Native will be as rich as Kubera.

7.17 Lakshmi Yoga: This yoga has two variants. Either the 9th lord is placed in a Kendra/ Trikone (preferably in own/exaltation sign), and lagna is strong. Alternately lagna lord and 9th lord together aspect lagna. This yoga confers uninterrupted financial affluence, learning, fame, happiness, authority and all material comforts. In this yoga, if Moon is aspected by Jupiter, Gauri Yoga is formed. It further denotes that the native belongs to a respectable family and has good progeny.

The native is elder son of Sh Dhirubhai Ambani, and is one of the richest industrialist of the world. In the chart 9th lord Mercury and Lagna lord Venus are both posited in 7th house aspecting lagna, thus conferring Lakshmi yoga. Jupiter is depositor of Moon and from 11th house is aspecting Moon. Gauri yoga is also formed. This Jupiter is being aspected by Yogkaraka Saturn from 11th house. Besides there are several Dhan & Raj yogas in the chart.

7.18 Madhya Vayasi Yoga: This yoga is formed when the 2nd lord possessing Kaal bala joins lords of lagna 7 of 11th house in a Kendra/Trikone and be aspected by a benefic. Such a native acquires wealth by self efforts towards the middle part of the life.

7.19 Marud Yoga: Jupiter in a Trikone from Venus, Moon in the 5th from Jupiter, and Sun in a Kendra from Moon, confers Marud Yoga. Such a native is good conversationalist, large hearted, wealthy, learned, successful businessman, like a king and having a protruding belly. Several variants of this yoga are possible. The readers may study various combinations and their significations for themselves.

The natie is an IAS officer. In his chart Venus is in 11th house, Jupiter I sin 9th from Venus (in 7th), and Moon is in 9th from Jupiter, Whereas Sun is in Kendra (12th house) from Moon. This has conferred Marud yoga on the native. However as lagna is in Rahu-Ketu axis, native had to suffer the humiliation of a scam towards the end of his service.

7.20 Matru-Mooldhan Yoga: If 2nd lord is conjunct with or aspected by the 4th lord in a Kendra/Trikone, this yoga is formed. Such a native gets wealth through mother or maternal relations. The wealth/ source of earning could vary as per the nature of the 4th lord. Thus if 4th lord is Mars, agriculture may be the source.

7.21 Mriga Yoga: This yoga is formed when the Navamsha lord of 8th joins the exalted 9th lord in an auspicious house and lagna lord is strong. Such a native is immensely rich, respected, charitable, and powerful.

7.22 Nabhi Yoga: If Jupiter & Moon are in 9th house, and 9th lord is in 10th from 10th (7th house), Nabhi yoga is formed. The native rises early in life, amass huge wealth, and gets many honours and awards. This yoga is very auspicious as Gajkesari yoga is formed in the best of Trikone (9th house of luck), and 9th lord goes to a Kendra (10th from 10th i.e. 7th house of trade & Padprapti). Both Jupiter (from 9th house) and 9th lord from 7th house aspects lagna, making lagna also very strong.

The native has 2nd lord Moon & 7-10th lord Jupiter in 9th house (forming Gajkesari Yoga), along with Indu lagna. The 9th & Indu lagna lord Saturn is exalted in another Trikone in 5th house. Lagna lord Mercury is in 2nd house with 3rd lord Sun causing Buddha-aditya yoga. He has many Rajyoga and Dhanyoga with all the three Trika (6th, 8th, & 12th) houses vacant. He rose very high in dasha of Jupiter, Saturn & Mercury from 1945 onwards. During this Period, he has been a senior congressman as chief minister of Himachal Pradesh and union cabinet minister. However Mercury being debilitated in Navamsha, caused his downfall at the end of Mercury dasha.

7.23 Putra-Mooldhan Yoga: If strong 2nd lord conjoins 5th lord/ Jupiter and lagna lord is very strong in most Vargas, this yoga is formed. The native gets wealth through his sons or after the birth of his son or through joint venture with his son.

7.24 Swaveerya-dhan Yoga: This yoga has three variants as under, all conferring huge wealth to the native through his own efforts & exertions:
i) Strong lagna lord conjoins Jupiter in a Kendra and 2nd lord should also very strong.

ii) The Navamsha lord of lagna lord should be strong and conjoins exalted 2nd lord in a Kendra/ Trikone.

iii) Exalted 2nd lord conjoins a benefic or an exalted benefic conjoins 2nd lord in a Kendra/ Trikone from lagna lord.

7.25 Trilochana Yoga: This yoga is formed when the Sun, Moon and Mars are in Trikone from each other. The native is bestowed great wealth, long life, smooth career, great intelligence and victory over enemies. Shri B. Ramalingam Raju has this yoga, but unfortunately his Mars in 2nd house is closely conjunct with Rahu, making the yoga non-operative.

7.26 Vasumati Yoga: If benefic planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury (Unafflicted) occupy Upchaya (3rd, 6th, 10th & 11th) houses from lagna or the Moon, this yoga is formed. The native will never be dependant on others, and will always have plenty of wealth and prosperity. This yoga is primarily for wealth. If the benefics are in exaltation, the yoga becomes extremely powerful. Since the benefic planets are only three, all the four Upchaya houses can never be occupied. Malefics could be placed in 6th or 11th house to give good results.

The native was a great industrialist of India. In the chart, Upachaya houses from Moon denotes strong benefics-Jupiter in own Nakshtra in 6th, Venus in her Mooltrikone  sign in 10th and Mercury in 11th house. In Navamsha, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in mutual aspect along 5-11 axis. Strong 8th lord Venus in lagna with 11th lord Sun and aspect of Yogkaraka Saturn from 11th gave him huge inheritance from his illustrious father, Shri G.D. Birla. Moon is Digbali in own Nakshtra aspecting 10th house. There are many Raj & Dhan yoga present in the chart.

7.27 Vishnu Yoga: This yoga is conferred when strong (in Shadbala) Navamsha lord of 9th lord conjoins 9th & 10th lords in 2nd house. Such a native will lead enjoyable long life, acquires fortunes & wealth from various sources, respected by rulers, be a worshipper of lord Vishnu, be strong and a witty & well-versed in discussions.

7.28 Vidyut Yoga: When exalted 11th lord conjoins Venus in a Kendra from lagna lord, this yoga is formed. Such a native is controller & owner of wealth, charitable, pleasure loving, and equal to a king.

The native was union cabinet minister for over 30 years and was member of parliament for 40 years. He had 11th lord Mars conjunct with Venus in a Kendra from Lagna lord Mercury posited in 9th house, thus forming Vidyut yoga. In addition he had exalted Jupiter in 2nd house.

8. Summary
8.1 There are many Dhan yogas described in classics. Almost every native has some Dhan yoga is his chart. However wealth & prosperity of a native is ascertained by number of Dhan yogas, the strength of planets (in Shadbala & Vargas) forming Dhan yogas and their position in Navamsha (where their strength & number should be retained or improved).

8.2 In this chapter a total of 148 Dhanyogas and role of Indu lagna have been discussed. However in order to maintain brevity only 19 illustrative charts have been discussed to bring out the relevant points.

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